Thursday, July 4, 2013

#50 Update on my vegetable garden

From this to...



I've got spinach, lettuce, cucumber, watermelon, parsnips, asparagus and onions growing in this square foot garden.  And it's nowhere near harvest time and everything is growing so nicely.  Because it's caged in like Fort Knox (HAH!) the rabbits and squirrels and other critters are not trampling and eating all my labor and investment.  I'm a happy camper!

Now that I have my own ORGANIC garden I'm enjoying the fruit/vegetables of my labor.  I've started a little herb garden on my window sill and also I've planted two containers of strawberries. 

Parsley and Basil

My window sill herb garden

Two containers of strawberries -- Grow baby Grow!!

The strawberries will come back every year and the first year will be sparse but next year -- watch out!  The same with my asparagus.  The beauty of having your own garden is that you don't have to cut everything and store in the refrigerator -- you cut as you need it.  I've done that with my lettuce -- cut some and it grows right back -- love it!

The three containers facing are tomatoes
The tomatoes are experimental.  I'm growing in the white pot Bush early Girl Tomatoes for container -- it was just a planting disk you add to dirt (here's a picture below):

And the other two in the containers are Juliet and Sweet 100 Cherry Tomatoes.

Here's a peek at the progress of some of the Juliet tomatoes

It's a wonderful thing to have your own garden and see the miracle of nature taking place.  Hopefully this has inspired you to take a corner of your yard or patio and try your hand at growing vegetables or herbs.  It's very rewarding!  All it takes is a little bit of ...

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