Friday, May 1, 2015

#6 Do Something About It!

Here We Go Again...
How many of you leave the house just about everyday?  When you leave, do you ever get hungry?  What do you do about it?  Do you pull into your nearest, favorite, fast- food restaurant and pull out the wallet or purse and buy yourself AND the kids food you know is not that healthy or good for you?  Not only that but are you spending money you don't really want to spend!!!???

We have all done it more times then we would like to admit.  I have come to the conclusion that there is a better way.

First of all, don't get mad at me for saying this and sounding like a broken record -- but it's true.  Organization is crucial for stopping the yo-yo eating syndrome.  Organization, organization (say it again) organization!!!!

This Friday's blog is going to consist of things we can do about eliminating yo-yo eating while away from home.  While at Sam's, I went down an isle that was lined with boxes of individually wrapped 100 calorie packages.  I began to think of how advertisers are so in tuned with our society and how they will provide products for anyone and everyone who will buy their goods.  If they provide it -- we will come...

Then I thought, why are "we" PAYING for them to individually wrap our favorites into small packages and then charge us more for their time and effort.  Yeah I know it's convenient -- but it will cost you more in the long run to continue to buy in this manner.  I must admit, a lot of the stuff that they have packaged in those boxes I don't want anyway -- but there may be one thing I like out of the whole box.  Why not make my own individual calorie bags of the foods I enjoy.

I purchase dry roasted, unsalted almonds from Aldi and put 1/4 cup of them in bags. It's always easy to grab a piece of fruit.  Remember to save your empty bags and just put them in your canister after your done.  This can be done easily with little preparation. 

I never said I gave up Tortilla chips.  I just make sure when I come home from the grocery store I empty a bag into individual size baggies (pictured above).  Eliminating me from eating the entire bag in one sitting.

So when you're out and about -- don't forget to pack foods ahead of time that you know are healthy for you and your family and stop buying those expensive 100 calorie boxes of snacks or eating out.  Also, it does not have to be necessarily "healthy" -- you just want to make sure you are eating serving sizes of things.  Instead of buying large bags of M&M's, buy one individual bag.  Instead of buying bags of miniature candy bars -- only buy one candy bar.  You don't need that temptation just sitting around the house.  Make it a treat when you buy that candy bar.  Eat it, enjoy it and get it over with.  So take the time to buy things you like and spend time packing serving sizes in bags or containers.  Your waist and your wallet will be glad you did.

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