Friday, May 9, 2014

#90 Walking App.

My boys are in boy scouts.  One of them is trying to earn his Hiking merit badge.  So with that in mind myself and the two boys laced up our walking shoes and hit the road.  He has a total of three ten mile hikes he needs to complete and one twenty mile.  I wanted to keep track of our mileage easily so I went to my trustee IPhone and found a free walking app.  It's called "Map My Walk."

It was pretty cool.  We walked in the neighborhood and this app did not need Internet access to work.  It worked by GPS (however that works cosmically in the air) .  It tracked where we started and where we ended.  We ended up doing a little over 10 miles total but we started off by completing 5 miles.  We went home had lunch and rested a bit.  Then put back on our shoes and finished our last 5 mile for the day. 

It turned out to be a beautiful day when we walked -- we needed jackets.  The boys were not use to walking this long but there was not too much complaining.  One hike down and three more to go.

If you are into walking ... check out this app called Map My Walk.  I'm sure you will love how easy it is.

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