Thursday, January 22, 2015

#116 Homemade Bread - YUM!

I have been wanting to make my own bread but not the old fashion way of kneading and letting it rise and kneading again and you know the drill.  It's seems like an all day job. 

So what's a girl gotta do?  Buy a bread machine that's what!  Several ways of getting your hands on one.  You can either buy one new or get one from a garage sale, get one from a friend who back-in-the-day bought one and does not use it and is willing to give it over to you -- or you can like me, have a super sweet sister who buys you one!  SCORE!  How blessed am I. 

Well, I've been making bread for my bread heads (AKA hubby and two teenage boys) who absolutely love anything with gluten in it! 
So far, I've made 3 maple, pecan breads -- one was a gift for a girlfriend's birthday, one for my sister of course, and I couldn't make bread without making a loaf for the bread heads mentioned above.  As I'm typing out this blog there is a loaf of garlic bread churning in the machine. 

My First "EVER" 1.5 lb. Loaf
What I love about my machine (which is a West Bend) is that it's practically foul proof.    Put in the ingredients from top to bottom, shut the lid and in hours you have fresh bread.  It has 12 settings to choose from depending on what type of bread you want to make.  Set it and forget it!  Literally.  I purchased a book of over 300+ bread machine recipes (that you can use with any bread machine) and boy am I excited.  I realize that I'm on a quest to loose my tummy (Loose My Tummy Blog #115) and bread is not the best thing to be eating in order to do that -- but I'm also on a mission to make healthy breads as well.  So be looking for healthy bread recipes in the upcoming months.

One more thing -- can you say BAKERY.  That's literally what my house smells like when I bake bread.  I can turn off my baking scented Yankee candles and just bake bread. 

Life is good.

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