Thursday, January 8, 2015

#115 Its Gotta Go -- My Tummy That Is!

This is the year that the tummy has got to go.  I'm determined!!  I'm focused!!  I'm on a mission!!  Here's what I'm working with -- there is no shame in my game.

Not bad with pants pulled over belly

Front view

But when pulled down -- you see the full belly

You know I have to love sharing/helping on my blog to be bearing it all for everyone to see.  But it is what it is and it's gotta go!  Another thing I would like to say in my defense, I've had two boys from this body -- but they are 16 and 17 -- so there is no excuse -- moving on.  It's time to roll up my sleeves, continue to use that Gold's gym membership and work it off!

First things first that I'm doing -- cleaning up my diet better.  I'm NOW strictly eating boo-coo veggies, lean protein and fruit. I'm not a bad eater -- but it doesn't take much to sabotage your efforts.  I don't eat processed foods, but I'm going to tighten the reigns on my eat out or cheat meals and be more mindful of my snacking.  Including WATER, WATER AND MORE WATER.  At least 2 or 3 liters per day (that's 8 or 12 cups).  As you may know, when you work out, it's necessary to drink lots of water.

I'm going to be doing these exercises from these videos below for my tummy as well as classes at my gym and Jessica Smith's challenge below.

Vladimir Massillon is the creator of the video above and below (guy below).  He also has a wonderful abs workout using a stability ball below (which is my favorite).

The last thing I would like to suggest is to join a challenge for 2015.  I've joined Jessica Smith's Fitin15 weight loss challenge.  There's always plenty of challenges going on during the month of January so find one you like.  Jessica's are free, fun and fast.  It started January 5.  But you can easily start today and jump right in.  The exercises are 15 min. each day.  Who doesn't have 15 minutes?  You can find out more about her Fitin15 Challenge here:  Fitin15 Challenge

So take a good look at the above tummy.  Say bye-bye!  I will be posting my results as I go along.

Until next time...

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