Thursday, June 27, 2013

#49 My June Favorite Things!!!

These are a Few of My Favorite Things

Once again, where has the month gone?  It's June 28th and I want time to stand still for a minute longer so I can savor it.  This month we went on an awesome family vacation, which was very much needed for all of us.  With homeschooling and all the hard work that my husband does -- we needed to get away and unwind.

On this road trip our first stop was South Dakota.  On our way we stoped at a train diner.  It was totally an accident running into this.  I stopped for a bathroom break and on my way out I saw this unique diner that was inside a train.  Had to stop in.

My boys will always remember this

Our next stop was Mount Rushmore.

Whenever I go on vacation I like to do research on what we are about to see.  It was interesting to find out the history of the man behind the faces on the mountain.  His name was Gutzon Borglum.  He designed the sculpture.  He passed away before it was completed.   You can find more information regarding Mount Rushmore here:

Our next stop was beautiful Cody, Wyoming.  We stayed in a lodge for the very first time and it was beautiful.  Elephant Head Lodge.

Name of our Cabin (#13)

No phone, no TV or Internet connection --  just good 'ol fashion board games

Both boys enjoyed the loft

In the dinning area -- reminded me of a bed & breakfast

A view outside our window

Our next stop was Yellowstone National Park.

This park was amazing because of the wildlife that roamed free.

            The Old Faithful Geyser was a sight to see:

We left Yellowstone and went to visit my brother in Los Angeles, CA.  This was the best part of the trip.  He owns his own business called "Real Tours Daily."  It's pretty impressive because he runs his business by taking you to sites of your choosing from a long list that he has available.  While viewing your site of choice he runs a video pertaining to the place you are watching.  For instance, the Fast and the Furious home and where it was shot in LA (he shows a short clip of the actual movie and the place we are visiting in the clip):

The Fast & Furious Home in LA
We were able to see Albert Pujols at an Angels game and of course we saw the Hollywood sign:

My brother Mark and his nephews
After our visit to LA we took off to Las Vegas.  We loved the ribs at the American Restaurant in the New York - New York Hotel.  The boys enjoyed visiting the Pinball Hall of Fame.

Of course there were plenty of other great things in between all of that but these are a few of my favorite things during this vacation.  Thank you Jesus for the opportunity to be blessed to take such a vacation with family that I love.

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