Thursday, July 30, 2015

#133 August - No Electronics Month

My family and I are going on a sabbatical of sorts putting down all things electronic. That means no TV, radio, computer games, computer (exception for work purposes) in order to recharge our batteries. I don't know about your family but these things have a tendency to divide and separate and God wants us to put it down and reconnect. So that's what we are going to do. So far so good. We are spending more time together instead of everybody off into their own thing.   The goal is not to return to normal after this month is over!!!

I just thought I would pop on here and let you know why I'm not blogging.

Will see ya in September!!!!!
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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

#132 Garden Surprises

It's that time of the year when everything is popping  up.  Surprisingly I've had some flops.  Why?  God only knows.  I planted a whole bunch of Zinnia's from seed and this is what popped up instead.



and more WEEDS...

So because of all these nasty weeds -- I had to use some elbow grease and get down and dirty by pulling everything up.  I ended up replacing all the weeds with perennials (flowers that come back every year) from my existing garden.  So this is wha it looks like now.

Liatris/Blazing Star

Hosta and Hydrangea
Few Zinnia's that survived
Fountain Grass and Hosta

Day Lillies

Much better

Gardening is a matter of trail and error.  You should never give up though.  Sometimes you have flops but it's a big, big world out there with plenty other replacement options.  I love the fact that I was able to get these free replacements with my existing plants from my yard.   Now that's a win-win.

Until next time...

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Thursday, June 25, 2015

131 Blog Name Change "Living Intentionally by God's Grace"

My blog is getting a name change.  Why?  Because Yo-Yo Eating No More is what I have been blessed to say I no longer do anymore.  Also, with such a name like that -- people come expecting to read only about yo-yo eating no more -- and frankly there is so much more to my blog then that. I want my blog to reflect ALL the different things I enjoy doing.  I have been eating well and exercising and loving this way of life consistently for over three years.  This blog was started with that name to keep me accountable and to perhaps help someone else out there who has struggled in that area.  I have over 120 blog post that will encourage and uplift you to healthy living and also share a peek into my life.

Enjoying our 24th wedding anniversary (2014)
The blog will now be called "Living Intentionally by God's Grace."  That's exactly what I am doing.  I am given this one life and I "choose" to enjoy it to the fullest -- intentionally.  Check out my older post and do come back to see the new ones.  It will be filled with things that I love -- my family, my friends and my faith.  Filled with my hobbies, gardening, books I enjoy reading and sharing, my hair journey, exercise and fitness, cooking and so much more.  Living Intentionally by God's Grace is what it's all about. 
Until next time...

Friday, May 29, 2015

129 Random Thoughts to Single People Wanting to Be Married

If you are single and you want to be married, don't settle for less than the best.  Even if you have to stay single. You heard me right!!!

I don't necessarily care for Tylor Perry, but I do like the title of one of his movies "I Can Do Bad All By Myself."  You must love yourself first before you can love someone else. Take care of you first and make sure you have high standards for what you will and will not tolerate. Don't allow your need or desire for someone make you lower your standards. In other words, no sex without a ring on it. You say you love me -- Prove it!!!!  I can say this -- I married 25 years ago a virgin. My former boyfriends,  I always told them -- "You're not getting in my pants."  That was my standard. Believe me,  I could have had sex because my parent encouraged me by saying -- "You have to try on the shoe before you buy it."  I dont't blame my parent, her standards were not formed based on morals taught by a mom and dad who spoke life from the Word of God, matter-of-fact, she never knew her dad and her mom died when she was very young. So this single mom did what the majority of Americans do.  I'm not here to judge her - but I do thank God for Jesus.  You may not have a father living in the home, or parents that bring you up with high standards but make "Him (the Lord Jesus - lets make it clear) your Father. My motivation was not disappointing Him. Those little raggedy boyfriends with raging harmones would have taken what they could get and go on to the next thang.

What I am saying is this, life is short -- live life like you mean it. Not with a lot of regrets and people that aren't worth your time. Once you start taking care of yourself and loving who YOU ARE you may decide I'm good by myself. Me and God the Father. If that someone does show up in your life, remeber what I said.  You're worth it!!!!!

Until next time....

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Monday, May 25, 2015

#45 May Favorites -- The Color Purple

The Color Purple
My May Favorite Things

Before I began this "Favorite Things" post -- I would like to say Happy Birthday to my sister (May 31st) who is one of the sweetest, loving and the most kind hearted beings you would ever want to meet.  Happy Birthday LISA HARRIS!!!!!!  I pray that you have a wonderful birthday -- I know you will after you clock out from the job (HAHA).  Thanks for being you and for all you do and thanks again for your encouragement that you give me with this blog!!!!  Love ya!!!! 

Anyone who knows me know that I love the color purple and flowers.  Or even if you don't know me and you pass by my house -- you would figure it out!  Now that it's spring and my perennials are springing up from their hibernation -- I thought I would show some of them off.  Along with other pictures I've taken with "purple" in them!
Let me start off with my purple clematis on my light post.

This tall Iris grows up in bunches under my windowsill every year
and because the rain and wind whip them around they
are unable to stand for long so I...
add them to more Iris' and place them in a vase in the kitchen
to enjoy a little bit longer

I added purple hanging Verbena to the porch

Also purple flowers made from tissue paper
My friend Tony the hummingbird visits outside my
kitchen window in his "Purple Feeder"

Can't forget the purple door!
Row of purple Iris'
People find my house by looking for this vase LOL

These pictures below are pictures I've taken of other places.  They have "Purple" somewhere in them.
At the Jewel box in Forest Park - Check out the dragonfly!!!
Main Street -- St. Charles
Jewel Box
Main Street - St. Charles

Main Street - St. Charles

Main Street - St. Charles - the Purple in here is called Persian Shield -- love it!

Main Street - St. Charles

Jewel Box

Jewel Box

Flowers around the corner from my home

St. Charles

Love this landscape in Florissant and the purple elephant ears growing
from the pots

OK, OK as you can tell I love flowers and taking pictures of them.  So I hope this has brightened your day and that you enjoyed my collection of "PURPLE."
Until next time...

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Thursday, May 14, 2015

#128 Gardening in Fort Knox!

Well it's that time again.  I'm planting in my garden and it's been updated.  This is what it looked like for the last couple of years 2013-14.  Two raised beds that I purchased from Aldi.  I added chicken wire and poles to each corner and there she has it -- a well protected garden bed.

This set-up did exactly what it was set out to do -- keep the critters OUT!!!  It worked very well.  My hubby decided that he could re-do this in a more efficient manner at the same time adding more space for more food.  This is what it looks like now:

More room for more food

The middle has a pull up door for easy in and out access

My make-shift arbor made from fencing, stakes and twine

Hubby used steel stakes and chicken wire.  Also on the last picture, I constructed an arbor out of fencing, stakes and twine.  This will hold my larger variety of cucumbers.  The large standing pole next to the arbor will be a stake to hold my large/tall sunflowers.

What I have growing is all varieties of tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers.  All the stuff we will eat.  I may plant some yellow onions in a container.  So far, I'm loving this new design.  There's plenty of space for when the plants grow and mature for them to have space to stretch and not be overly crowded.

Come back and check out how things will look in the upcoming months.

Until next time...

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Friday, May 8, 2015

#36 Do You Have A Love-Hate Relationship with Your Bath Scale?

Do you have a love hate relationship with your bathroom scale?  How often do you weigh yourself?  Every day, every week, never???

I use to weigh in everyday and I found myself jumping for joy or either kicking the scale.  I allowed the scale to dictate what type of day I was going to have.  Not anymore!

I have since learned that there are so many things that can take place with our bodies that can affect the number on the scale.  For instance, water weight, your period, your bulging muscles that you are building, stress and so many other variables can trigger that number.  

I do believe that it is important, for me anyway, to weigh in at least once a week.  I usually weigh in on Mondays.  The reason why I do this is because it keeps me grounded.  That out-of-sight-out-of-mind approach does not work for me.  If I fail to get on the scale and just try to go by how I look in the mirror or how my clothes fit -- I find myself waaaaaay over what I thought.  So when I start a new workout program -- be it weight training with cardio --  I weigh in first and do my measurements (I check my body measurements with a measuring tape once a month).   I then weigh in every Monday the same way -- (empty bladder with no clothes, at the same time of day with the scale on a flat floor surface -- in the morning for me).  

It's important that you keep track of what you are doing by writing it down on paper or buy you a fancy journal.  Also include how much you weighed at the beginning of that week.  I write down what my program will be for the next six weeks and I include the weights used and how many reps and sets.  This journal is a great encouragement while you are on your program.  Also, if you get off track the journal is a good reminder of what you did in the past to drop the pounds.  You could also include your food as well.  I usually do my weight workout on Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays.  I do any type of cardio I choose on Tuesday and Thursday.  Now that the weather is getting warmer I will again do my walks on the weekendI then switch it up for the next six weeks by doing a different weight workout.  I find that if I keep my body guessing it performs by shedding unwanted pounds. 

If you are trying to loose weight it is important that you weigh in but don't be rigged about it.  I think everyone knows by now that if you want to loose weight you have to eat a clean diet and workout.  When I say clean -- I mean -- food found in nature.  No process foods but lots of whole grains, fruits, vegetables and lean meats.  You know the drill.  It has not changed -- it's one of the best ways I know of to see results. 

Check out her video and see how she measures her body

I have learned a lot from the lady pictured above.  She is on YouTube and she goes by the name Aketafitgirl (click on the blue link under her picture to check out her channel).  She is an all-natural bodybuilder.  No Steriods with this sista.

She suggest three forms of measuring your body.  Measure your physical weight, body measurements with a tape measure and your body fat (you can skip this part unless you have a skin-fold caliber) prior to starting a program.  "Gauge your progress based on your measurements.   If you start your program and you've only taken your measurements at your waist and did not measure your thighs and you didn't see much loss at the waist you might think there is something wrong with the program.  So it's good to measure lots of different body parts" says Aketafitgirl.  She also suggest gauging by keeping an article of clothing that you are unable to fit the way you would like to.  Let that be your goal to fit into those skinny jeans!:-))

So if you are one of those who have a love-hate relationship with your scale -- try some of these tips and see if it makes a difference for you.

Until next time...

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Friday, May 1, 2015

#6 Do Something About It!

Here We Go Again...
How many of you leave the house just about everyday?  When you leave, do you ever get hungry?  What do you do about it?  Do you pull into your nearest, favorite, fast- food restaurant and pull out the wallet or purse and buy yourself AND the kids food you know is not that healthy or good for you?  Not only that but are you spending money you don't really want to spend!!!???

We have all done it more times then we would like to admit.  I have come to the conclusion that there is a better way.

First of all, don't get mad at me for saying this and sounding like a broken record -- but it's true.  Organization is crucial for stopping the yo-yo eating syndrome.  Organization, organization (say it again) organization!!!!

This Friday's blog is going to consist of things we can do about eliminating yo-yo eating while away from home.  While at Sam's, I went down an isle that was lined with boxes of individually wrapped 100 calorie packages.  I began to think of how advertisers are so in tuned with our society and how they will provide products for anyone and everyone who will buy their goods.  If they provide it -- we will come...

Then I thought, why are "we" PAYING for them to individually wrap our favorites into small packages and then charge us more for their time and effort.  Yeah I know it's convenient -- but it will cost you more in the long run to continue to buy in this manner.  I must admit, a lot of the stuff that they have packaged in those boxes I don't want anyway -- but there may be one thing I like out of the whole box.  Why not make my own individual calorie bags of the foods I enjoy.

I purchase dry roasted, unsalted almonds from Aldi and put 1/4 cup of them in bags. It's always easy to grab a piece of fruit.  Remember to save your empty bags and just put them in your canister after your done.  This can be done easily with little preparation. 

I never said I gave up Tortilla chips.  I just make sure when I come home from the grocery store I empty a bag into individual size baggies (pictured above).  Eliminating me from eating the entire bag in one sitting.

So when you're out and about -- don't forget to pack foods ahead of time that you know are healthy for you and your family and stop buying those expensive 100 calorie boxes of snacks or eating out.  Also, it does not have to be necessarily "healthy" -- you just want to make sure you are eating serving sizes of things.  Instead of buying large bags of M&M's, buy one individual bag.  Instead of buying bags of miniature candy bars -- only buy one candy bar.  You don't need that temptation just sitting around the house.  Make it a treat when you buy that candy bar.  Eat it, enjoy it and get it over with.  So take the time to buy things you like and spend time packing serving sizes in bags or containers.  Your waist and your wallet will be glad you did.

Until next time...

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Friday, April 24, 2015

#29 What's For Dinner?????

The Dreaded Question...

   What's For Dinner???


Why is this such a dreaded question?  It's dreaded because most of the time it's an after-thought that you think about close to 4-5pm when you know it's time for your dear hubby to walk in the door.  It's the dreaded question because nothing has been PLANNED and nothing has been taken out of the freezer

You know that your not going to be able to feed your family something "INTENTIONALLY" well-thought out and delicious.  So now it's a mad dash to see what you can thaw out quickly, what you can add with it, or worse -- what you can order out -- you know the drill.

 We all know the saying:

I do make weekly meal plans, but lately our household has changed a bit due to changes with both my husband and I.  My husband has been pretty much on his own with his dinner, by choice. He comes home and has a taste for eggs, so he will make eggs.   Or he has a taste for salad only or a smoothie -- so he pretty much is self-sufficient when it comes to making his own dinner. 

But in my mind -- I like to have something prepared just in case he does not "FEEL" like coming home and thinking about what to eat. He has told me not to concern myself with fixing him anything -- but being a women, wife, nurturer -- it's my duty to concern myself about these types of things (at least I've told that to myself :-).

OK, I think he will like it if I make...

Also, lately me and the hubby have been laying off of meat. So in my mind you have to be really creative with what you are going to prepare. So I find myself planning twice -- something for me (and hubby -- just in case he wants to eat what I've prepared) and a meal for the boys because I don't want to deprive them of meat just because we slack off of it from time to time. GREAT SCOTTS!!! 

I found this cute book at the library and I'm going to try some of the recipes with the family. It's called Peas and Thank You by Sarah Matheny.

This lady and her family were once meat eaters but the wife and husband decided to go meatless. She didn't want to deprive her children of meat so she found meat alternatives. She concocted this cookbook of delicious meals that now her entire family loves. We are not talking about going vegetarian (yet :-) -- because we will have a burger every now and again -- and chicken and fish will probably always be something we will eat -- but I'm just SAYIN -- we have laid off of it considerably.

So what's a girl to do in situations such as this???  The dreaded question -- "What's for dinner?" -- now stares me in the face?   Tell me, who are you cooking for and what's for dinner????

Until next time...

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