Thursday, December 5, 2013

#69 Going to a Gym vs. Staying at Home

Sometime working out at home can spell disaster

I'm considering investing in gym membership.  I'm feeling the itch of wanting to be with others and the motivation it brings.  Also with me being a stay-at-home mom and home schooling teacher -- I'm home most of the time -- this outing would do me some good.  Well, I thought I would list here the pros and cons of either staying at home or working out at a gym.

I joined several all-women fitness gyms in the past but ultimately they always lacked the equipment and classes of the big box gyms.  This time, I'm planning on going co-ed with a bigger 24 hour fitness facility.

Working out at home

Pros of Working Out @ home (my eight pros):

  • You don't have to leave the house
  • Workout on your own time frame
  • Free workout videos on-line and a plethora of my own workout DVDs
  • Wear what you want
  • No competition or crowds
  • Don't have to wait to use my home treadmill, bike, elliptical
  • Can watch on TV what you want and listen to music you want to listen to

Cons of Working Out @ home (my seven cons):
  • You "ALONE" have to push yourself -- at home I don't push myself like I would at a gym
  • Don't have the encouragement from a trainer or workout buddy
  • When the bed calls your name to stay in -- it's easier to agree with it
  • Interruptions from family and things like the telephone
  • Don't have the gym equipment or the "LIVE" fitness classes
  • No competition
  • Workouts can become boring and monotonous

Big box gym facilities

Pros to Working out @ a Gym (my 6 pros):
  • Trainers there to help you with your fitness goals
  • Lots of motivation -- or should I say competition from others
  • Plenty of exercise equipment all in one place
  • Classes that will cut out boredom and keep you focused
  • Some open 24 hours for your convenience
  • Great outing when you work from home or need to get away from home

Cons to Working out @ a Gym (my six cons):
  • Can be pricey (especially if you are working with a trainer)
  • Crowded
  • If co-ed, you have to deal with people who are there for "show"
  • May have to wait for equipment or a class may be too full
  • Sweaty seats and equipment -- and towels left all over the place
  • Some locations may not be 24hr and even if they are some classes you're interested in may not start when you need them

Whatever I decide to do, I want to make sure that I'm at a place where I'm not under a contract.  I want to have the option to pay as I go.  Thankfully there are a lot of places that offer this.  It would probably be good as well to jump right in at the beginning of the year -- in order to get a great deal.  I'm sure I will be there with those who are making "New Years resolutions."  But after around February or March -- the crowds will subside.  Hopefully not -- hopefully people will continue to make a decision to put themselves first and do something wonderful with their bodies,

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Sam of said...

Hi Renee. Just like with diets, the best exercise plan is the one you will stick with! Which option are you more likely to be consistent with?

I personally went the home-gym route. I invested in equipment for my garage and love not worrying about crowds, weather, traffic, fees, horrible club music, etc. ;-)

I look forward to reading what you decide!

renee barry said...

Sam -- thanks so much for responding to my post!!! I listen to your podcast all the time. Big fan! I totally agree -- that is something that I will have to decide -- the consistency factor -- because I love to switch things up. I'm leaning toward the gym for that exact purpose. For variety. Thanks again for commenting and check back often.

Shade Akinbiyi said...

Thanks Renee for sharing these helpful info. I find this very helpful as i've been thinking of excising lately as a way of keeping strong and healthy. God bless!

renee barry said...

Shade thanks for commenting. I pray you find what works for you. Whatever you do -- do something. God bless.