Friday, June 7, 2013

#46 Tips for Eating Well on Vacation???

Are you gearing up for vacation?  If so, take note of these tips.

First of all -- if you don't remember, I started my blog in August 2012 based on these pictures (my very first blog post -- check it out here --->   I would loose weight and gain it back, loose weight and gain it back.  That was me.  I went on vacation to Las Vegas and came back home with remorse.  I called myself a binge eater -- but I was not.  I primarily was a yo-yo eater.  I've had friends give me grief because to them I looked fine.  Because I was not obese -- they assumed I was crazy for starting this blog.  But this was the best thing that ever happened to me -- It finally woke me up to my crazy eating pattern.  Take a look at these picture:

This was me on my last vacation in 2012

This was the start of this blog.  I was on vacation in Vegas last year and because I did not plan and prepare -- I ate whatever I wanted.  Look at that candy apple.  Nothing wrong with a candy apple if this is your YOLO meal -- but this was not a YOLO meal -- this was just one of the many calories I woofed down over the course of that week.  If you are not familiar with YOLO -- it stands for "You Only Live Once" meal.  This term is used for those people who are eating clean, healthy food 80% of the time and then they allow themselves something they enjoy 20% the rest of the time.  Well this was not one of those meals.  This is primarily how I ate throughout that week -- whatever I wanted.  I didn't feel the remorse in that picture but I did when I got home.

Why you ask.  The reason is because I work my butt off exercising and eating right then I allowed myself to think that these "Vacation Meals" would not affect me.  Hoped for the best, so to speak and guys and gals it just doesn't work that way.  It does not work for me (ANYMORE) to do so well before vacation and then when vacation gets here I say "Oh well, I'm on vacation -- I can eat whatever I want."  The body does not know that you are on vacation -- it's going to store fat.

I have thus learned that if you want to enjoy your vacation -- you can do that -- but you have to remember that this is a lifestyle -- not just a way to loose weight to be able to fit into a bikini, wedding dress or whatever reasons we go on diets.  I finally get it -- Yes I can have my cake and eat it too but I have to plan and prepare.

  1. If you are traveling by car (or any other means of transportation) do yourself a favor and take your own snacks.  If you don't, you will get hungry and make the wrong choices and  the fast-food restaurants will be calling your name.  Pack things like almonds, peanut butter, nitrate free lunch meat, fruit, vegetables cut up, cooler with Greek yogurt and the list goes on and on.  Check out this list on Pinterest.
  2. If you can, get a hotel suite that comes with a stove and refrigerator (kitchenette) that you can purchase foods and make your own meals.  Say you just make your breakfast and eat out for lunch and dinner.  You could make eggs (great source of protein) and oatmeal (great source of carbs).  Don't forget to add your fruit.  Or take your blender and make some fresh fruit smoothies are green smoothies.  I hate eating the complimentary eggs that some hotels offer.  Right out of a carton -- it taste so watered down and artificial.  Why not make your own healthy breakfast. 
  3. When you go out to eat stick with eating protein (fish, chicken) and some type of vegetable.  You can have dessert.  When you eat well 80% of the time you can splurge and the other 20% of the time enjoy that dessert.  That first couple of bites is really all you need.
  4. Try to get a hotel or suite that offers a workout facility/room.  If not, take a walk on the beach after your dinner meal or first thing in the morning. 
These are just some of my tips that may help you.  But of course there are plenty of options out there.  Just hit Google Healthy Travel Tips.  Whatever you do don't stress out about gaining weight.  Just enjoy yourself and remember to plan and prepare.  When you do, you will have nothing to worry about.  Have a great trip!!!

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