Friday, October 16, 2015

#138 Fun Time with A Friend!!!

I'm not big on musicals, but there is one that I have just fallen head over heals for and that is:

The Sound of Music, composed by Richard Roberts and lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein (Roberts & Hammerstein) is truly one of my favorites.  How did it come about that I fell in love with this.  It was the scene on the hill at the very beginning and the dramatic music begins to play and she belts out with this fabulous voice "THE HILLS ARE ALIVE WITH THE SOUND OF MUSIC..."  It just looked so freeing and sounds so beautiful -- and I just can't for the life of me remember any of the other words but those.  I twirl around and make my kids highly upset by belting out in my own way those lyrics -- but it doesn't have the same effect on them as it does on me (maybe it's the voice :-))  Whatever the case, I love the charisma she has as she pumps herself up to go to her new job as a glorified nanny to total strangers.  She goes through the streets singing and encouraging herself and by the time she's at their front door -- she is pumped to do the job!  (May I say, she was not very sure of herself when she set off to do this -- but on the way she encouraged herself).  

On her way to her new gig

She reminds me a lot of myself -- singing through life's challenges and trying to being creative in all you do.  For example, taking the old curtains off the windows and making outfits for the kids. Making the day fun by traveling all over with the kids and doing fun things that are memorable.

Funny the outfits you can make with curtains!!!

Learning new things everyday

When I found out that the St. Louis Art Museum was showing this as one of their featured films on the hill this summer -- I was all in!!!!!  I just needed to get together with a friend who enjoyed it as much as I did.  Well that's exactly what I did.  But to my surprise, I not only went with a friend who loved the Sound of Music as well -- she knew everyone of the songs and said it was Julie Andrews who she looked up to as a singer when SHE HERSELF sang professionally!!!!  WOOOAHHH talking about scoring it big with a friend to go with me to this film.  We had a BLAST!  Thanks Karen!!

Me and my girl friend Karen on the left

The big inflatable screen on the grounds in Forest Park

I will always remember this event with a smile on my face -- and I could not have went with a better person.  So if I'm overcome with a serenade of "The Hills Are Alive with the Sound of Music.." -- don't be alarmed -- that's all the words I know. (LOL)

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