Thursday, January 30, 2014

#76 My Favorite Things for December/January

It's hard to believe that we are heading into February -- but as the old saying goes -- "Time flies when you're having fun!!!"  Just a reminder -- on the last Friday of the month I do a blog post of my favorite things for that month.  So because I did not do a "My Favorite Things for December" -- I wanted to add it here on the last Friday of January, 2014. 

My favorite things that I want to share for the months December/January is of course celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ.  CHRISTMAS!  Everyday is a day of celebrating Jesus -- but this time of year just the songs and traditions make this time of year feel laid back and festive.  This is such a special time for me and my family -- we have so many traditions and it's just nice to take a breather at the end of the year and just sloooooooooow down and relax.  We have our activities we do in our church but at home we enjoy decorating and cooking for this season.  This year, just to make things easier, all our Christmas shopping was done using and delivered right to the door (that was awesome -- that just may become a tradition to keep).  Just wanted to share pictures of our annual Christmas bake for 2013 -- we added a Gingerbread house to the mix.

Boy's doing their thang...

Gingerbread cookies -- all time family tradition
What's the annual Christmas bake without A Charlie Brown Christmas!
Added this Gingerbread Cottage this year

"B" for Barry!  YEAH!!!

Christmas is the time where I cook my traditional "Christmas" foods.  I don't skimp on these family favorites.  This was my menu:

Apple pie (store bought this year)
Pecan Pie (store bought this year)
Mac & Cheese
Cranberry Sauce
Candied Yams

We had an awesome time spending time with family and friends.  This is the time of year when I enjoy eating whatever I desire.  It's nothing wrong with eating right 80% of the time and enjoying your favorites 20% of the time. 

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Anonymous said...

you can make cranberry sauce out of fresh cranberries in the blender with whatever you want to sweeten it. I use an orange and a little sucanat (dried sugar) or some juice of some kind. I have some cranberries in the freezer now just to keep making this for vitamin C through the winter. When Trader Joes said they can only get ascorbic acid from China i thought we had better just get it from our food instead of the supplement i was buying :((

thanks for the photos! these were fun to see!! :)

Renee Barry said...

Thanks for checking out my post -- it's always appreciated!

Anonymous said...

Yummy! enjoyed your blog!

Renee Barry said...

Thanks -- it was a fun time! Thanks for commenting and reading the blog.

CaramelRell said...

The food looks delicious! I would love to do a ginger bread house one Christmas! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Renee Barry said...

No thank you for stopping by :-))) Do try a ginger bread house -- it's neat!