Friday, April 17, 2015

#127 Sowing Organic Seeds In-Doors

I'm getting a jump start on my outdoor gardening.  I'm trying my hand at growing seeds indoors.  I'm growing Zinnia's, Tomatoes, Cucumbers and Morning Glories. 

I like the idea of starting early -- but I'm going to need more space and better lighting to keep this up.  My plants have germinated and are growing nicely but they want outta here.  They want to spread their roots into deep soil.  I don't start outdoor gardening until after Mother's day (sometimes a little earlier) just because our weather here in MO is quite fickle. 
If you have never checked out my garden, here is a link to check it out:  My Garden Stuff  (just scroll down and you will see all my gardening post - including this one).  Be on the lookout for a full garden redo.  I have an organic garden and it will be expanded this year with a walk-in enclosure.
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