Thursday, December 6, 2012

#19 Boy Am I Sore...

I am on a Facebook group called "Healthy Eating and Exercise Challenge."  I recently sent this message to the group:

"I don't like strength training, I prefer cardio."
I'm not opposed to strength training in fear of looking like the above picture -- I just prefer cardio exercises (like the treadmill, bike and workout videos) because I enjoy them best.  By-the-way, there is no way a women can bulk up like this by working out with weights unless she is on some form of steroids.
One of the personal trainers responded by saying, in short...

So the question is: "I don't like strength training, I prefer cardio."

I'll answer as a two part response. Let me first say people have free will and do not have to prescribe to a strength programme. Although people are entitled to this choice it is self limiting. Strength training causes hormonal responses in the body which encourages toning and fat loss - you MUST lift heavy to move fat - only the style or methodology varies between lifting for a figure/bikini model and a body builder.

That said there are other health benefits including increased muscle, tendon and ligament healthy, improved posture, improved flexibility and joint health, increased bone density and health, LOWERED risk of heart disease and many other benefits.

A complete health approach includes a strength aspect. It is about the internal benefits, looking better visually is simply a bonus.

To not have a strength component in a health and fitness programme is (sorry to say) irresponsible. Not doing strength because you don't like it (when considering its health benefits) is like not eating vegetables because you don't like them.

With that said, needless to say, I'm back on a strength training regimen.  I have done in the past Tosca Reno's, The Eat-Clean Diet Workout.  It worked for me and because I am a person who likes to change things up a bit I found another book on my Kindle Fire called -- Weight Training Workouts and Diet Plan That Work -- by James Orvis. What I like about it is #1 the great reviews this book received, #2 how simple it is and #3 the easy variety of simple meals.  It's a 12 week strength training program that walks you step-by-step everyday what to work on (30-40 min. 3 days per week) and on your off days you can work on cardio.  You can also choose to follow the eating plan if you don't already have one.

So I started this program this week and I must say, I really enjoy doing it.  But boy am I sore...from my abs, to my arms --- oohweeee...muscles I haven't used in a long time. Well I know that after awhile, all the pain will be gone and there will be nothing but gain!!!
I realize there will be some that will look at my picture here and say -- what are you doing it for -- you have no weight to loose -- Let me say, it's not about weight loss -- did you read the benefits above?  It's about being in the best shape you can be in.  Now leave me alone (LOL).  I strive to be and stay healthy.  So if strength training brings on all of those benefits why wouldn't I do it??!!!  Why not join me.

My before Pictures...

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Risa Lynch said...

Great post and great site! Keep on working out you look great!

Renee Barry said...

Thanks Risa! I'm still on my journey -- everyday inching my way.