Thursday, November 29, 2012

#18 Why Are People Choosing The Wrong Apples?

When given a choice -- why do most people choose the wrong apples?  Adam and Eve had a choice to make back in the garden of Eden and you know how the story ended -- they chose the wrong fruit as well (Genesis Ch. 2).

Should I choose this apple or...

this apple (pie)?

Well I have to say, I didn't choose the apple pie (smile) -- I chose the apple.  I believe people choose the wrong apple because we have this overwhelming addiction to sugar.  Therefore, after so many years of consuming products with sugar in them it's hard to say "NO" to it's temptation.  BUT it's easy to make the right choices when you absorb yourself with like-minded individuals who share your quest for clean eating.  I am encouraged by people who make health a priority in their lives.  When I find myself leaning on the wrong side of the food fence, I stop and think about those who I subscribe to on-line cheering me on to make wise choices.  We make choices every day with what we put in our bodies.  So let's "CHOOSE" to put in a variety of good clean food that will help us look and feel our best.

Here are just a FEW of the people who inspire me to push away the apple pie, the white sugar, white flour and all the other stuff that is not good for a clean eating lifestyle. 

Here is one of her videos:

Holiday Easy Apple Crisp Recipe with Cranberries
You will be amazed at how you can substitutes healthy ingredients and get a very tasty outcome.  She has a ton of great videos that will inspire you.

Tosca Reno -- Oxygen Magazine

Here is one of her videos:

Tosca's Favorite Fruits (from Oxygen Magazine)
Tosca is one of my she-ro's in the clean eating business!!!  Check out her videos and be amazed by this 40-someTHIN momma!

One more...

Cassey Ho -- BlogilatesTV

Here is one of her videos:

How To Start Clean Eating
Very encouraging tips and excitement from this gal about eating clean.

By-the-way (BTW) -- by subscribing to these ladies YouTube channel, every time they make a new video you will be notified by easy is that to stay encouraged!!!

You too can be inspired to choose the

over the

UPDATE -- UPDATE on the Green Smoothies...

My favorite green smoothie so far consist of spinach, strawberries, apples and pineapples.  I have tried smoothies with Collard greens, Kale and Turnips -- they have a very strong taste -- unlike spinach, which has a very mild flavor. I have also switched books from "132+ Green Smoothie Magic" to "Green Smoothie Recipes and 99 Fountain of Youth Superfood Secrets."  I made this change because of the way the recipes were listed in the 1st book (it was not very specific in what quantities to use for each smoothie ingredient) so I was doing a lot of guessing with each recipe and that pretty much defeated my purpose.  I will continue to keep you posted on my favorites...

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