Friday, January 25, 2013

#26 Are You Constipated???

Little Bathroom Humor:  In looking at this -- I think of the old song "If it Don't Fit Don't Force It Just Relax and Let it Go." 

It shouldn't be like this -- EVER!!!!

Ever since I was a little girl I have been constipated.  I will never forget being maybe seven or eight years old going to Six Flags with my family and crying the entire trip while visiting every bathroom in the park and not being able to rid myself of the waste that was causing me so much discomfort.  Growing up taking laxatives that would jolt my colon to give me a big spill but then after that being left with cement bowels.  So I became dependent on the one thing that gave me temporary relief.  Doctors offering a colonoscopy -- giving you a name for your problem -- "You have Irritable Bowel Syndrome" and only offering a band-aid by offering medication that ultimately hindered but not help.

Our diets, our sleep patterns, and our exercise may be different; but there is one thing we all have in common -- we must ALL have bowel movements.  How often?  Well that's different as well.  Let's look at the animal kingdom.  They have no problem eliminating.  You have never seen an animal straining to pass their waste from their body.  Take a horse for example, 

I've been to many parades and you will always see a host of workers behind them with shovels and cans to pickup whatever they dump.  They don't drop little pellets -- shovels are needed remember?  But some humans, on the other hand, strain and struggle just to get the slightest pebble to evacuate from their rectum.  Resorting to laxatives, plastic gloves and Vaseline and other methods.

This is something that needs to be addressed.  We spend a lot of time concerned with what the outside of our body looks like and our insides are wreaking havoc because we may not be eliminating properly. 
If you have regular bowel movements three to four or more times per day and they are shaped like sausage-links you are among the minority.  GREAT!!! From my research, the majority of Americans are having a bowel movement "MAYBE" once or twice per week -- and many of them are straining just to do that.
So today I am sharing relief.  I've tried colon cleanses,  Metamucil, coffee enemas -- whatever you can think of I've tried.  Most of the things I've tried have been harsh to my system.  I had lots of cramping and the entire process was unbearable. 


I started my journey for relief recently from a book I purchased on my Kindle called Complete Colon Cleanse by Dr. Edward Group.  It was very thorough.  It was more of a reference book that offered lots of information on your overall health of your colon.  My true help came at Whole Foods.  I went looking in Whole Foods for the products discussed in the Complete Colon Cleanse.  They did not carry the products and I did not want to have to purchase this stuff on-line.  So I had a talk with the lady there in the supplements area and she pointed me in the direction that she felt was what I needed for my situation. 

Her suggestion was Bowel Cleanse by Renew Life along with drinking Aloe Vera juice.  So here are her tips she passed on to me:

  1. Drink 70% of your body weight in water.  For instance a 140 pound person should be drinking 70 oz. of water per day -- roughly 8oz.x9=72 (9-8oz. glasses per day).  More if you are active.
  2. Eat plenty of fiber in the form of fruits and vegetables.
  3. Take natural products for your bowel cleanse -- nothing with psyllium or anything that causes cramping.
  4. Stop eating processed foods.  Eat lots of whole foods that will keep your engines hummin.
  5. Find the right amount of Aloe Vera juice for you and drink the Whole Leaf type, Fresh Pressed.  It's organic, no preservatives and not from concentrate.
Now a lot of these things I was doing -- but I knew I wanted something natural other then what I saw on TV or on the shelves at Walgreens.  I also knew I wanted to be able to grab it off the shelves whenever I needed it again -- nothing I had to buy on-line with shipping and handling. 

The Bowel Cleanse reads like this
  • Colon Cleansing Herbs
  • Organic Fiber Blend
  • Naturally Hydrates the Bowel
  • Eliminates Waste & Toxins
  • Non-Cramping Formula
  • Psyllium-Free
  • No Senna
  • No Cascara Sagrada

I purchased the powder form (which is a 30 day Supply).  They also sell it in the pill form just in case you don't want to drink it.  It was under $20.  After one day -- my bowls were moving and grooving.  No cramping, no pushing and straining -- It slipped out so easily I had to look -- "Did anything fall out -- yep, there it is."  It was not like diarrhea either -- just nice and smooth.  Talking about exciting.  Breakthrough!!!!

I know this is a stinky topic but like I said, this needs to be addressed.  There are millions of Americans (according to what I have been reading) suffering with constipation.  There is hope and help.  THE NATURAL WAY!!!

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FogDog said...

70% of your body weight in water?? I weigh 320 and struggle to get 100 ounces per day, never mind 224 ounces.
-FogDog Weight Loss

Shalana said...

Thanks for this enlightening post. I might have to try this. I guess I need to start with finding a store that carries these products.

Chickie Sweet said...

If you have a Whole Foods Market you should be able to find them. If not, check at a GNC or Vitamin World or other Health Food store. Thanks for reading and commenting.

Chickie Sweet said...

I guess it just depends on how much you want to get rid of the constipation. I don't necessarily like drinking water -- but I hate being constipated. So I will do what I have to do. Thanks for reading and commenting!