Friday, February 8, 2013

#28 Consistency Is Key!

I am proud to say that I have been blogging CONSISTENTLY by posting every Friday since August 2012.   That is exciting and I have God to thank for that.  "Thank you Lord for giving me the creativity, the "want-to" and the mindset to do this thing call blogging!!!"

It is an outlet for me.  I have learned when you enjoy something you are more apt to continue with it.  The same is true for anything.  The job you hold, the hobbies we pursue, the exercise you do etc.  

Let's think about that --- think about all the books on healthy living, diets, and infomercials out there vying for our attention.  Let's just say you got serious about your health and you decided to change the way your eating or the way you workout CONSISTENTLY.  Not for a week, a month -- but for a lot longer.  (If you Google how long it takes for a habit to set in, you will find out no one really knows.)  So lets say, for example my blog -- I just kept going, and going and going -- I did not think about the days because I enjoyed it so much.  So therein lies the solution -- I believe you must enjoy it in order for it to be a CONSISTENT pattern in your life.  

Perhaps You're Doing the Wrong Exercise

But, if you find something you enjoy -- it's is more likely you will stick with it.

I'm not saying that in life you should NEVER do anything you don't enjoy.  That's not realistic.  But what I am saying is -- there are lots of alternatives that will make what you're doing a lot more enjoyable.  When it comes to some things like exercising and the life-style food choices you choose -- you have plenty of choices.  I remember I thought I would enjoy running and I actually participated in two 5K races.  

Me Crossing The Finish Line...

I told myself this was the exercise I had to do to actually see significant changes with my body.  Not true.  I did not love to run.  It was not something I wanted to do long term.  Hence, I did not stick with it!  I found out that I enjoyed walking a lot better.  It was better on my knees and I could do it at a fast pace or moderate pace and still see results with my body.

So find things that you can do on a CONSISTENT basis and make sure it's things you are willing to stick with!

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Laura said...

I prefer walking over running too. I just think running is hard on a person's body, especially someone with extra weight, like me. I used to walk 2 miles a day consistently but I am out of the habit. Thanks for making me think about that again!

Jackie said...

Hi Renee! I'm with you girlfriend on the running. My husband LOVES to run and I just don't like it at all! Congrats though on doing the race. Yes, consistency is probably the most important habit/virtue in anything. It's funny when we try to be consistent and fall short, we don't look at the ways we fall short and try to change behavior. It's easier to stay comfortable.... even if we are miserable! Hah! I admire your consistency. Keep on keeping on!