Friday, February 28, 2014

#80 Two Great Fitness Apps for FREE!!!!

I was blessed to get an IPhone free of charge!  Thank you Jesus!   With that, I am always looking for fitness apps that I can use.  One that I found that is very helpful to me in the gym is JEFIT.  This app is awesome because it's like a fitness journal that keeps track of all of the exercises that you do by sets, reps, and weights used -- eliminating paper and pen in the gym.  There are thousands of pictures of the exercises and how that exercise is performed in motion.  As well, there's a picture of a person's body (shown below) and you can pick whatever muscle you want to work on and it shows you loads of exercises for that body part -- allowing you the option of making your own exercise routine.  It also has a section for Cardio/Interval training where you can keep time of your intervals with a built in timer.


Plus, if you're not interested in making your own personalized routine -- there are built in exercises for each muscle group.  Too cool!!!

JEFIT Built In Workouts

One App that I think everyone is familiar with (but just in case you're not) is called MyFitnessPal.  This App helps you keep track of what you are putting in your mouth.  You put in what you are trying to do -- maintain, loose weight -- whatever.  Based on that -- it gives you how many calories you should consume for the day.  You put in your food based on the number of calories allotted for that day.  For example, if you are allotted 1,500 calories for the day -- you choose foods and it will say how many calories that particular food is (the app has lots of built in choices and you can add your own) and as you enter this in -- your calorie of food will be subtracted from your total allotment. UPDATE:  I also learned just recently that you can scan your food in your IPhone with the barcode on the food and it will be saved to your foods.  Nice!

So there you have it -- hopefully these two Apps will help those of you interested in taking your fitness to the next level.  Also, if there are any Apps that you have found helpful -- please feel free to leave me a comment below.

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Shade Akinbiyi said...

Great Apps! My main concern is staying healthy with getting all the energy I need to go with it. I will google these Apps for more information. Thanks again for yet another helpful post!


Jo Ann Bateman said...

Wow! Thank you, Renee, for this posting. I was just talking to my sweetheart about making some adjustments to my routine. These two apps will work great to help me. Thanks again for your timely post!

Renee Barry said...

As always, thanks for visiting the blog. I hope you find these apps helpful.

God bless.

Renee Barry said...

Hey Jo,

I'm glad the post was right on time for you. Keep on coming back regularly! God bless.