Friday, April 12, 2013

#37 The Tower Garden & Juice Plus


Last month I mentioned that I would be paying it forward by showcasing people doing things in our community by encouraging others with health and fitness.  Well today I will be doing that once again with one of my fellow homeschooling moms, Kim Lebbing of Healthy Tummies.

Kim came to my home and demonstrated the ease of using the Tower Garden to myself and other home school moms.  I'm one who enjoys getting my hands in the dirt -- growing in containers and watching new life spring forth from out of the ground.  I look at this as therapy for me.  But for those of you who feel that you cannot grow anything "PERIOD -- Without Killing It" but have a desire to grow your own food in a contained environment and at a fast pace -- this is TOTALLY IDEAL!!!

Kim was nice enough to bring her Tower Garden, which at the time she had just purchased, as a demonstration for us all to see.  If you are not familiar with the Tower Garden -- here is a little information concerning it.  

Welcome to the Tower Garden.  Are you ready to GROW your Garden with the Easiest Garden on Earth?  Taste the Fresh Picked Difference.  Grow your own food in your backyard year-round!  There is no weeding, tilling, kneeling, or getting dirty!  The Tower Garden is a plug and play vertical garden.  There is no need to have a "green thumb."  The Tower Garden includes everything you need to start growing.  It is easy to assemble and fun for the whole family to watch your food grow from seed to an abundant harvest ready to eat for dinner.  Tower Gardens fit easily on urban patios or rooftop gardens.

Recent picture of Kim's Tower Garden that she placed in-doors with grow lights
If you would like more information on the Tower Garden, feel free to email Kim at  

Juice Plus+ is also by the same company who makes the Tower Garden.  Kim is also a distributor of Juice Plus.  She informed us of all the benefits of taking just one veggie and fruit capsule.  Below you will find out more about Juice Plus. 

Juice Plus+ Orchard Blend and Garden Blend

It was amazing to see that these little gummies contained so much fruits and vegetables for your entire day.  Here's more information regarding Juice Pus+.

Juice Plus+®...
The Next Best Thing

Juice Plus+® is a simple, convenient, and inexpensive way to add more nutrition from fruits and vegetables to your diet, every day. Taking Juice Plus+ is the next best thing to eating fruits and vegetables. Of course, there is no substitute for eating a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. But because most people simply can't, don't, or won't, Juice Plus+ helps fill that gap.
Juice Plus+ provides nutrition from 17 different fruits, vegetables, and grains. Each ingredient is specially selected to provide you with a wide range of nutritional benefits. Juice Plus+ contains not only a much wider variety of naturally occurring vitamins than vitamin supplements, but it also contains other phytonutrients, antioxidants, and nutrients — even some of the fiber — found in the fruits and vegetables it's made from. These nutrients work together in combination to provide you more of the nutritional benefits of eating healthful whole foods.

Why not check it out.  It will be great for your health -- for sure!  Look forward to more post showcasing other people who are helping others reach their fitness goals, teach others how to grow food, eat healthy and so much more.

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