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#40 St. Louis Earth Day Festival -- Composting & A Free Whole Foods Market Tour

April Favorites...

Sunday, April 21, 2013 was the St. Louis Earth Day festival held in beautiful Forest Park.  What wonderful weather we had for this event.  It was family and pet friendly.  That day happened to be my 23rd wedding anniversary -- and I'm such a health nut -- me and the family took a stroll in the park.  It was on the Muny grounds and there was much to see, hear and taste!!!  It was free and open to the public -- and I don't know how long they have been doing this in St. Louis but this is my 2nd or 3rd time attending.

Here are some pictures of the event...


I view life differently now since I'm into healthy living and I get excited about the darnedest things now-a-days! 

While at the fair, I ran into a company called Worm's Way.  I was soooooooo excited -- let me tell ya why!  I've been learning a lot about composting practices.  I learned about compost tea!!!  No you don't drink this tea -- you use it in your garden with the use of Red Wigglers.  What are Red Wigglers?  They are -- you guessed it -- worms.  If you are a gardener and don't know about red wigglers -- let me be the first to say -- you will want to get your hands on these babies!!!!  I called Worm's Way and they told me that they sell for -- GET THIS -- $40 for a one pound box (1,000 worms) and that did not include shipping!!!!!!!  I was also told that you can buy them off of Craigslist and other places I'm sure.

Anyway -- about the wigglers...

These are the hardest working worms I've ever read about (although I don't normally read about worms).  According to Wormcompostingorganic in their February 2011 article entitled Red Wiggler Facts --  Red Wiggler are a breed of worms similar to an Earth Worm like you would usually use for fishing bait. They are a little smaller though and a little more red. They are very popular because many people use them for indoor composting to create fertilizer. 

One pound of Red Wiggler is approximately 1,000 worms. That 1,000 worms can eat about a half pound of organic table scraps per day. They will eat most anything that is plant based. Everything from apple and banana peels, to left over salad, to coffee grinds and left over tea bags. Keep in mind they don’t like spicy items, onions, and salad dressing (although a little salad dressing from left overs is fine).

After about 90 days in an average sized bin you’ll have some of the best compost you’ve ever seen. Add it to your indoor potted plants, your flowers, or you backyard garden and watch you plants take off.

I will be starting my worm bin in May.  Can't wait to order my worms.  If you are interested in learning more about Compost Tea and Red Wigglers -- I would check it out further on YouTube.  If you want to check out this video of how compost tea makes a difference in your backyard garden check out this guys backyard (using compost tea) compared to his neighbors garden  Or put in any of these keywords (Red Wigglers, Compost Tea) and you will get plenty to look at.  

Example of what mine looks like except
this one does not have wheels
I also have a trash can compost bin.  It was made from a regular trash can on wheels.  This trash can must have a lid where the lid locks so that you can drop it on the ground and roll it around.  You need to do this once a week just to make sure that your compost is being distributed properly.  This is the frugal way to compost on a budget and it works.  Hubby drilled holes throughout the can from the top of the lid to the bottom.  You can also find out how to make this by checking out this YouTube video.

If you have ever wanted to tour Whole Foods Market in Town & Country (THE BIG ONE) -- then this is for you.  This will be a tour with Marcia Whelan, Marketing & Community Relations Specialist, where she will give a tour around the store and point out and discuss healthy eating options in every department.  It's a free tour but registration is required so register at Put on your calendar the Healthy Eating Store Tour from 10:30-11:30am on Saturday, May 25.  

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