Thursday, October 24, 2013

#64 October's Favorite Thing -- Helping Friends!

Here we go again.  October has come and gone -- I don't know if time is flying because I'm doing a blog every Friday -- or if indeed time is just flying!  Nevertheless, we are at the end of October and the last Friday of the month is dedicated to my favorite thing(s) for the month:

My Favorite Thing(s) for the Month of ...

It happens to be helping out friends!  My "Pretend" Mother-In-Law, Carol Crenshaw, asked if I would come over and help with planting flowers and plants on a plot of land that was given to her and her community to beautify.  Well she knows that I love to get out in the dirt and grow "stuff."  So I jumped at the chance.  I had a great time helping.  Here are pictures from that event.

Community helpers, family and friends -- Nicole on the left had the master plan for the plot

There were four of these beds -- we added two more
I enjoyed working with the young girls -- they were so smart

Ladies putting paper down to control the weeds

Our Mulch Hill

My "Pretend" Mother-in-Law -- Carol Crenshaw

The "Real" Daughter-in-Law -- My Buddy, Davina -- gardening -- would ya look at that!!

Miss MaKayla


Hard work paid off --  Beautiful!

We -- scratch that (-:  -- I had a wonderful time in the dirt!  Can't wait to come back in the spring and see the progress.  Thanks Carol for letting me be a part of such a great community service.

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Bisi said...

Hi there its Bisi (inspiredwords) from helping Christian blogs google plus. Thanks for the post, beautiful pictures. Like the team of the blog. God bless.

renee barry said...

Nisi thanks for checking out my post.

Rashida Singh said...

Love your blog, so inspiring!! God Bless you!!

renee barry said...

Thanks Rashida for checking out the blog and commenting! Let's continue to encourage each other.