Thursday, May 9, 2013

#42 My Vegetable Garden Part 1

As many of you know, eating a healthy diet is more important then all the exercise you could ever do. It's very important that your diet goes hand-in-hand with your exercise program. I have mentioned in a past post that I would love to purchase all organic fruits and vegetables but Whole Foods and Trader Joe's are not in the budget. Therefore, for me it's important that I do something about that. Hence -- the VEGETABLE GARDEN!!!

I have two boys who are boy scouts.

I decided to come on board with the boy scouts by becoming a merit badge counselor. So I am now a Gardening Merit Badge Counselor. So what that means is this -- whenever a scout wants to earn the garden merit badge -- the boys could come to me to obtain that badge by showing that they have followed all the requirements in the Garden Merit Badge Booklet. So my boys are working on the garden merit badge. What we have done so far is cleared out a small area in our backyard to prepare to grow fruit, vegetables and plants.

They need to grow things from seed and from seedling. It should be a lot of fun and I have found that my boys are more likely to eat the things that they have a hand at growing. Win-win!!!

We will be working on this throughout the growing season until harvest and I plan on posting our progress. So please come back to see what we have accomplished!

So if you are like me and organic fruits and vegetables are not in your families budget -- try your hand at growing your own organic vegetables right in the comfort of your backyard, patio or deck. Do it with your kids as well. Oh how sweet it is!

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