Thursday, July 25, 2013

#53 July Favorites -- NEVER STOP LEARNING!!!

Here I go again -- "Where has the time gone???" It's the last Friday in July and school will be starting soon. Speaking of school -- I would like to say --

 You can learn anywhere -- wherever you open your eyes and ears to the possibilities. This month my husband inherited his father's piano.

Soooo guess who's learning to play the piano??? I took lesson about two years ago and the teacher was going at a super fast speed and I was not doing very well. I did not continue with the lessons and always regretted not learning like I wanted to. Well that has changed! My husband use to play, and plays pretty good by ear. He is now excited about playing again -- and has been helping me! Thank you dear!

I also found on my favorite website -- "YouTube" absolutely FREE PIANO LESSONS and THEORY. You heard it right -- FREE!!! So here I am LEARNING on-line!!!!

So my July favorite goes out to:

Andrew Furmanczyk Piano Academy. He has 50 "FREE" videos on music theory and 40 "FREE" videos on how to play the piano (and soooooooo many more videos). I am learning so much from him about theory and he makes it so simple. The beautiful thing about it is I can go at my own pace. I have nothing but time and I'm loving it! Check out his YouTube channel below:
These lessons are geared for anyone -- those who have never played piano before and for those with experience. What I love about Andrew is that he has a passion to share his talent with the world. He desires to one day open a school of music in the future offering his services to those who are unable to afford music lessons or whatever your situation may be. This is his ultimate goal. But for now he is sharing LOADS of information to anyone who desires to learn. All you need is a Internet connection, paper, a ruler and of course a piano.

One more "FAVORITE" thing to share this month. I've also learned how to videotape my hair journey and share this on my "OWN" YouTube channel. As well as blogging (This is my one year anniversary BLOGGING -- WOOHOO)! Who knew??? I joined YouTube back in 2008 and have been videotaping my natural hair journey since 2010. It's been an awesome ride. Like I said, I love YOUTUBE -- my motto is "If you want to learn something -- go to YOUTUBE." Click on my channel trailer below:
Bringing it back -- the afro!
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