Friday, December 20, 2013

#71 How To Make Your Own "Scoby" for Kombucha Tea

This month I have really been having a hard time with my "Scoby" for making Kombucha.  My problem was, after allowing it to ferment for a week, it was not producing another Scoby.  If you are a Kombucha tea drinker, you already know that you must first start off with this Scoby starter in order to make Kombucha.  Once you allow your Kombucha to ferment for a week or so it automatically produces another Scoby.  Well, I guess my Scoby starter was on it's last leg because I tried twice and after the fermenting process -- there was not a new Scoby present.

No Scoby present after fermenting for a week

After this second time not producing another Scoby I decided I perhaps needed to purchase or get from a friend another Scoby starter.  I contacted the person I bought my first Scoby from and was in the process of getting it from her until my dear husband had an idea!!!

Grow Your Own Scoby

First of all I thought -- "There is no way -- I'm all for trying new things -- but why re-invent the wheel -- who am I to try and make a Scoby -- impossible."  Those where some of my thoughts.  Well -- after researching -- I found out that it's totally possible to do and not only that -- it's pretty darn easy!

Steph from Stupid Easy Paleo

If you've been reading my blog for awhile, you know that my favorite on-line place is YouTube.  If you want to learn anything you just need to go there and you will learn.  Well I can now say that I added another thing to my "What I learned how to make/do" list.  Steph from Stupid Easy Paleo (here's her video on how to make your own Scoby made this task that I thought was impossible --so easy.   Here's what I did:

  1. Purchased one bottle of Kombucha Original Tea
  2. Poured it into a mason jar (or a big recycled glass jar)
  3. Put a paper towel over the top of the jar and put the ring of the jar only over the paper towel
  4. Put in my dark pantry
  5. Checked on it after the 4th day and it had a thin layer
  6. On the fifth day it was ready
It was that easy.  I had produced my very first Scoby.

The Scoby is the top layer that resembles a pancake

From there, I proceeded to make my Kombucha tea as usual.  I started making Kombucha in January 2013 and I absolutely love it.  You can visit my blog post about it here: and for my recipe on how to make Kombucha Tea you can go here:

So if you are ever in a bind where your Scoby starter is not producing another Scoby for you -- do what I did and make your own!!!

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Rashida Singh said...

Learn something new ! Great post Great post Sis:)

Renee Barry said...

Hey Rashida,
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