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#31 Make Your Own Probiotic Soda & Braggs Apple Cider Natural Cleanser!!!!

Just recently I attended a class taught by a home school mom, Kim Lebbing with Healthy Tummies ( and she shared all about Probiotics.  Kim had cooking classes at Whole Foods Market and decided to bring those classes to her home in Missouri.  After reading my blog, she contacted me and asked if I would be interested in one of her classes.

I knew nothing about Probiotics but wanted to learn.   She invited me to attend the class for free and unfortunately I was unable to hear the entire class but what I did hear was really interesting --  a drink called Kombucha.

The Fermenting Process

When Kim passed around a sample of the drink to try -- I was skeptical and at the same time impressed with the taste.  She said that it could replace soda in your home and would be good for your digestive system (good for the tummy).  She brought it out from her pantry -- a large jar wrapped with a kitchen towel tied together with a rubber band.  Inside were "scobies."  What's exactly is Kombucha you ask and where can you get it?  You can learn about it at this link and purchase your own scobies from this link :

They look like rubber pancakes and are called a mushroom (although they are not).  It sits in this mixture of liquid and ferments for about a week or so and in the end it produces another pancake shape called a "scoby."  After the fermenting process you can add 1/4 cup or 1/2 cup of organic juice (so far my favorite is grape juice).  Afterwards you bottle this up and place it in a room temperature area (I put it on my counter top) for 24 hr.  Afterwards refrigerate and drink.

After a week of fermenting -- I add my juice and after 24 hours it's ready to drink!
I added grape juice but when poured it looks red!

After Kim talked about the benefit of this probiotic that she and her family uses (read about her story here: and how it helped them -- she wanted to share it with others who may be having problems with their tummies.  Because of my past issues with constipation I was eager to have a healthy tummy -- I took home a scoby of my own.

I have always felt like the person who tries all the "different" stuff among my circle of friends and family -- and I would have to say that I fall into that category with this. But I'm glad I did.

I was also introduced by my good friend Linda to a Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar cleanse that she shared.  She uses it for a month -- here's her recipe.  She states that it's an amazing natural cleanser.

  • 1 cup Braggs organic unfiltered apple cider vinegar in a gallon of water and try to drink the whole gallon in one 24 hour period.

I tried it for three days and could not get pass the apple cider vinegar taste.  I had no side effects after the three days of it (positive or negative) -- but I could not see doing it everyday for a month because of the taste.  But if you want a natural cleanser and you are perhaps familiar already with Braggs apple cider vinegar or even if your not and want to give it a try -- this just might be the natural cleanser for you. 

On the other hand, this Kombucha for me was pleasantly surprising.  It's not a natural cleanser but there are many benefits mentioned in the link above.  I could really get into the taste of it.  It reminded me of soda.  One thing that I can say about the Kombucha is that I got my energy back.  My natural ENERGY DRINK!!!  I would fall asleep at the drop of a hat.  Don't let me sit down to read with my boys or sit down for bible study with my family -- I would find myself falling asleep during the weirdest times of the day. 

Talk about embarrassing!

I'm perky and full of energy.  Love it!!!  So now I'm making my own NATURAL soda -- and I have so many scoby's and nothing to do with the extras.  I don't believe my friends or family would ever do this process themselves (but hey they may surprise me, drop me a comment if you would like a scoby).  I bought my one for $10 -- and I know Kim said they run for more (or you can skip the whole process and purchase it already made and bottled up at Whole Foods Market -- but keep in mind when you ferment your own you will grow another one -- I grew two in one batch once) -- but I would be willing to just give mine away to whomever is willing to give them a try for the first time.  (Keep in mind I'm only talking to those who live in MO and are willing to come pick them up from my house - lol).  Nevertheless, I've found a great way of helping my tummy and enjoying "soda" like taste in the process.  Not to mention my energy back -- YEAH!

Here are some testimony's regarding Kim's classes:


Went to your previous Wed. class and so glad I did.  Learned so much, and am incorporating what I've learned into my journey to health.  It made an immediate difference in my G.I. tract, and I continue to improve!  Thank you so much Kim.  I look forward to your other classes that are certain to come!

Ruth Harper R.N.

I was referred by my N.D. to the Healthy Tummies
class at Whole Foods.  I am very passionate about health and wellness so this was right up my alley.  In the class, I was exposed to so many new things.  I just made my first kombucha and it wasn't that hard to make.  For me, some of the things were overwhelming at first, but just take baby steps and gradually change.  Also, Kim is a wonderful person and great resource.  She is quick to get back to you if you have a question.  I highly recommend this class to EVERYONE. Also, if you need more personalized attention, check out her group and one-on-one sessions. 

My kids love the lemonade and Kombucha drink.  We do not take anymore probiotics and my leaky gut is healing. Thanks for a great class.

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