Friday, March 21, 2014

#83 Hair Is Growing Out of the Wazoo!

I have not talked about my natural hair in a long time -- so I thought I would update my blog and show what's going on with it.  I will be four years natural in October.  To Check out my complete hair journey, click  on the tab above that says - My YouTube Channel.

I just recently did a video on YouTube showing how I blew it out with my blow dryer and flat iron.  Check that video out here (or just click on the top video to the right of this blog).

I must say, this is the longest it has ever been -- even while my hair was relaxed.  So I'm very pleased that my natural hair has grown so healthy, strong and long.  It is a process -- but just like wearing your hair relaxed is a process as well -- this is better because I can go from straight to this:

Yarn Twists

And so many other styles.  I love, love, love my natural hair -- and wouldn't change it for the world.

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