Thursday, October 16, 2014

#103 Bottle Art

As you can tell, I love to garden.  It's my most favorite hobby.  I've been looking into working now to prepare for spring.  One thing that I've been fascinated with is bottle art.  These are some images that I found on-line that I love:

Wild Birds Unlimited Bird Feeders
These bottle trees, however, can be very expensive.  From $20-200 on up.  I looked into purchasing one from Amazon or having Brian make me one out of lumber and pegs (like the one above).  

I also saw at Wild Bird Unlimited these beautiful birdhouses made from PVC that run $120-and above.  I thought if I was to purchase one I could just just attach pegs to them and add my bottles but with it already starting off expensive and the thought that I still needed to work on it by adding pegs was a little disheartening.

Well this was my solution.  At a antique shop I found 3 bottles under $5 and I found some "PURPLE" (my favorite color) plastic garland.  I had been thinking about what I could use at home to make my own inexpensively and relatively quickly (without drills and pegs).  My shepherds hooks came to mind.  So this is what I came up with.

I love it every time I look out.  I can perhaps add more bottles and more white shepherds hooks.  But I think it turned out pretty neat so far.  I love how the plastic garland sparkles with the sun and how the bottles add an artistic flair to this sculpture. If you have never seen bottled art -- this may look ridiculous -- but it's garden art -- you've seen it first here -- HA!!  Come back often, because I will be adding to it, especially when spring and summer rolls around next year.

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