Friday, October 24, 2014

#104 Are we there yet?

I ask the question -- are we there yet.  What I mean when I say this is this -- when will this be OVER???  Every single day there are new challenges.  Big and small -- but none the less challenges.  I home school my two boys (teenagers mind you) who I've home schooled since they were babies.  They have never stepped foot into a public school or private, for that matter, for a full or part-time education.

My oldest is 17 and he has struggled all his life with academics.  Comprehension, math, spelling, vocabulary -- you name it -- he's had an issue with it.  My youngest, who is 15, does not struggle academically but just does not have a love for learning -- it's more like -- lets get it over with so I can do what I really want to do.  His biggest struggle is talking -- you see, he stutters and no matter what is done -- therapy, encouragement -- he does not follow those things that are given him to do to improve.  He continues to do the things that are keeping him in that habit.

People think that home schoolers are the smartest and brightest kids because of the one-on-one assistance that they receive at home.  Well I would agree perhaps 90% of the time.  But guess what -- if you have a child that no matter how much you put into them -- that child chooses to do his or her own thing -- decides that what is being said to them is not really relevant to them at the moment -- then guess what -- know matter how much you put into them -- they will only receive that which they choose to receive. 

Are we there yet?  They are in the 11th grade -- one has a desire to go to college.  The other is struggling with high school -- so college is hard to see at this point.  Are we there yet?  Today it looks bleak -- but tomorrow things will look up!  I'm trusting God know matter what it looks like -- I know that all things will work together for the good.  I'm encouraging myself -- and perhaps someone else.  Nevertheless, this too shall pass and I'm looking forward to the future.

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