Friday, February 13, 2015

#118 Don't Ever Go On A Diet Again!

Don't ever go on a diet again.  I will tell you why!  Diets set you up for failure.  Unless you are willing to eat a low carb diet, Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers or any other diet -- for the REST OF YOUR LIFE, you are wasting your time and money.  They are making money off of you and that's how they stay in business.  How many people do you know that started Weight Watchers or any other diet and as soon as they got off of it and tried to eat "regular" food they gained back their weight and some?  Too many stories and unfortunately it doesn't have to be that way.

This is my suggestion.  Don't ever go on a diet ever again.  I'm going to suggest you do what you know is the only way your going to loose weight and keep it off.  Stop eating crappy food.  Eating out 2 to 3 times a week instead of fixing your own meals.  I'm talking restaurant food that you know is not good for you.  Greasy burgers, greasy chicken, fried rice, fried this, fried that.

And let's face it.  If you are eating out at restaurants instead of eating at home, even if you are not eating greasy food, you could be loading up on unnecessary calories.  These places should be at best every blue moon.  Not once or twice a week.  It is best to cook most of your meals 90% of the time.  That way you know what you are eating and you are avoiding sabotaging your hard work.

I'm going to say something I'm sure you have heard before.  What you NEED to be eating is more fruits, vegetables and lean protein (chicken, fish).  You can get full on this stuff -- you just need to know how to prepare it.  That's where internet and cookbooks comes in --- if you are not familiar with cooking.  As a family we try to eat meat once a week (the leftovers the next day), beans once a week (the leftovers the next day), pasta once a week (the leftovers the next day) and on Saturday is our eat whatever we want day.  I have teenagers who do very well eating this way during the week but I make sure I have a eat whatever you want day in the schedule as well.  This is mostly for my teens -- so I will say that on this day for me and my husband we will eat our usual way for breakfast and lunch and have whatever we want for dinner.    But basically this way of eating allows me to eat well 90% of the time and have something that I wouldn't eat everyday once in awhile.  This allows me to maintain my weight and if I want to loose unwanted pounds, I just cut back on food or exercise more.  It really is a matter of calories in and calories out.  I do not count calories -- the food I eat is so familiar to me I don't have to.

What I'm basically saying is -- you have to find a way that you can eat FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE and stick with it.  Don't fall for having food being shipped to your door unless you are willing to stick with that for the rest of your life.  Eat well (and that does not mean eating food that has no flavor or is boring because you will have to live with that for the rest of your life too -- are you willing to do that -- I'm sure not).  Eat foods that are good for you, that will fill you up, that taste good, and what you feel you could do for the rest of your life.  Then enjoy it!

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Jo Ann Bateman said...

Wow. Such good advice and insight. It obviously works because you have been on this journey for a while, and you and your sweetheart are proof that it works. The trick for me is to be consistent and avoid sabotaging myself. Based on what you've shared and what you and your family are demonstrating, I really believe the key to consistency is making the change in eating a FAMILY lifestyle change, not just a mom thing (mom's on a diet or mom's fasting, etc. ) I know there are such great blessings that result when we operate in agreement and walk in unity. This very well could be the wisdom that eradicates the sabotage for me! Light bulb moment... Thank you Renee!

Renee Barry said...

Jo thanks for your encouraging comment. You can do this! But you have to have a made up mind. You have to want to see a change and go for it with bull-dog tenacity and let nothing get in your way. You have to get in your kitchen and love playing with recipes and making a collection of foods your family will look forward to eating and enjoying that are good for them. Have you ever made baked fish with loads of roasted vegetables that has it's own sweetness after being roasted some wheat rolls? Makes my mouth water just thinking about it. I have so many wonderful recipes and I just rotate them. Check out this mom on YouTube. Her YouTube name is HOW JEN DOES IT. She has lots of What's For Dinner recipes and grocery hauls.

Renee Barry said...

It's more about what we put in our mouths then exercising. Yes I know the foods that are not good for us taste sooooo good, but think about what it's doing to you for the long haul. You can learn to love the taste of really good food and crave it but you have to let go of the addicting foods to ever get to that point! You can do it! I'm rooting for you my friend!!!