Friday, September 11, 2015

#135 No Longer Natural

My hair has been natural "Meaning no chemicals/perms/relaxers of any kind" -- since October 2010.  I've decided to go back to a relaxer for many reasons.  One -- it's easy.  My natural hair was new to me (hence my YouTube Channel name "Nappynew" (My YouTube Channel).  I never knew how my hair would be without any type of chemical helping it to conform.  So in its natural state I had to see what would actually come out of my scalp "Naturally."  It was an eye-opener because my texture was like a heavy duty industrial sponge.  It was nice and thick (which was good) but it was a lot of work.  I did not want to be in my head that much and you would think that it would be easy -- but my wash days were a bear!!!!  The longer it got -- the harder it got.  The best thing about being natural was the fun styles I got to experiment with like twist, braids, twist-outs, Havanna Twist and so much more.

My First "Big Chop" -- TWA "Teenie Winnie Afro"

Power to the People
Afro Puff
Mini Twist

Yarn Braids

Yarn Twist

Braids with added hair "Mohawk Style"
Or Just a "Blow Out"

Oh yes, it was fun!!!  But a lot of work.  So now I'm back to my perms/relaxers with my Pixie Style haircut.

Side View

Back view

Oh yes, I'm lovin it!

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