Wednesday, September 2, 2015

#134 I Got This Too!

Happy September,

Yes, the time is flying and with it lots of great things has happened since my "no-electronic" month in August.  First things first, I read Jennifer Hudson's book "I Got This" and was very inspired by her story.  She talked about her life as an aspiring singer, actress and how her life has changed using Weight Watchers.  If you have not read it I highly recommend it.

After reading it it left me with questions regarding every diet I ever tried.  I had never tried Weight Watchers because I never wanted to start a program where I had to pay to loose weight in a  "PROGRAM."   The only thing I ever "BOUGHT" to loose weight is a gym membership or either home equipment -- but never a program where you pay monthly for their services to loose weight.

She stated how it sounded too good to be true. She joined but she stilled worked it like other programs -- eating less and working out more.  Then once talking with her support person at Weight Watchers she had to truly do the program correctly to believe that it was truly as easy as they said it was.  The program was called the PointsPlus System.

Let me say, I did not and was not going to pay to do Weight Watchers.  First of all, I only had 5 lbs. I wanted to loose and it was not worth paying for.  I went to YouTube to see how others did it without buying into the Weight Watchers Program.  I found out how to do it for FREE!  You heard me --absolutely free.  Here's the YouTube channel that shows how to do it (see link below).  I started with a goal of getting down to 139 lbs.  I started at 144 lbs. and it's true -- those last 5 lbs. are hard to loose.  I've been holding on to them for months and sometimes adding to them as high as 149 lbs.  I will not go through telling you the ins-and-outs of the program but feel free to check out the YouTube channel that I watched to get started below.  The video also shows you how to calculate your daily points with links on how to do this without paying one cent!!!!!

Well let me say that I have met my goal and going down even further (some days).  I truly can say that I can eat what I want and as long as I stay within my points for the day -- I'm good!

I'm with you Jennifer -- "I GOT THIS TOO."

Until next time!

Here's the link:  YouTube Channel for How To Do Weight Watcher's Free

Food Tracker Value Diary App I purchased for my IPhone Ultimate Food Value Diary
(This is not something you have to purchase I just purchased to keep track of my food -- also it's rated very well -- much better then the actual Weight Watchers app).  Perfect for just $3.99

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