Saturday, November 7, 2015

#139 It's My 50th Birthday!

I want to start off by saying, I've never had a birthday party as an adult and this year "October 24, 2015 -- my dear husband threw me a great birthday party that I will never forget.  Oh no it was not a surprise -- I invited 40 (I had a limit since it was being thrown at my home) of my closest friends and of course my mom, mom Harris, my sister Lisa, mother-in-law, mom Barry and my sister-in-law Ursula -- all I can say is -- Wow, what fun!  

My decorating ideas came from the musical "Sound of Music."  I love that musical and I went on the theme "These are a few of my favorite things."

This was my basic theme -- I made some last minute changes in my table arrangement below and I added more food to the table on the day of the party.  My favorite color is purple and most of the things on the tables were purple, not to mention the table cloths and lamp shade etc.  

There was food galore -- fried chicken, ham, mostaccioli, salad, green bean casserole, macaroni and cheese and so much more.  My hubby really did it up (thank you Brian for such a lovely birthday party) -- he did most of the ordering in.  Thanks also to my sister, and sister-in-law for their food contributions.   We had so much food leftover we could have fed a troop. 

Thanks to all who came and made this a day to remember!


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JBT Busy Entrepreneur said...

Hi Renee!
You are so, so, so creative! What a great time we had! For your first adult party, that was quite a feat!!! So proud of your blog and so proud of you. Big blessings!

Jo Ann Bateman said...

What a wonderful party! Quinton, the boys, and I really enjoyed ourselves. What a peaceful and pleasant atmosphere. EVERYONE was super sweet... You have a great group of close friends! CUDOS to Brian for hosting an outstanding party. So glad you had a good time; you make 50 look good my friend! Love you. Jo

Renee Barry said...

Thanks for the compliment girlfriend and also for coming you and Robert to my party. I'm so thankful to God for our friendship. Love ya!!!

Renee Barry said...

It would not have been the same without you and the family my friend. The boys enjoyed spending some time with Josh and Sam (it had been a long time and everyone has grown a foot or two). I know Karen and Tony enjoyed you and Quints company -- we are already needing to set time for all of us to get together. Thanks for the compliment -- I'm loving 50 already :-))))! Love you too!!