Friday, August 31, 2012

#5 The goal of this blog & what are you craving????

Why Yo-Yo Eating No More blog?  I must admit, I came up with this blog selfishly -- thinking of myself and what I needed to do to eliminate the ups and downs of my weight. I try to do very well watching what I eat and exercising to top it all off but for whatever reason, I get these urges for certain foods.  This is a normal thing in life and I believe there is nothing wrong with it if kept in check.  But if you are a person who has different size clothes in your wardrobe (just in case) -- it may be time to make a change.  Everyone has a number of the size they want to maintain.  I never want to be a stick figure -- but like I said, everyone has a number they want to be and it's possible to maintain that once we reach it.  That is my goal, to maintain my weight by staying consistent with my eating.

I needed to give this over to the Lord for Him to help me and that is how this blog came about. When I write my thoughts out, it helps just by having it written out for me to see. By doing that, I then began to see the Lord giving me things that I would not have thought of on my own. As I'm sleeping, sometimes there are so many things that come to my mind, I have to stop myself from hopping out the bed to write (in fear that I will loose what's on my mind at the time).  So this blog is two-fold -- it helps me as a diary of my thoughts and I thought at the same time perhaps it would help someone else.  Those are the goals of this blog.

While in Las Vegas, we ran across this Statue of Liberty made of candy.  I began to think for most of us it's all about the sugar!!!

Your watching what you eat and you are doing very well.  Some weight is shedding and you are looking good or as some people say "HOT!"  Now all of a sudden you have this craving for _______________?????  That's right, you fill in the blank.  We ALL have them from time to time.  It could either make us or break our efforts and make us feel as if we are sabotaging all that we worked so hard for.

Like I mentioned in my 2nd post, my foods of choice has been primarily corn tortilla chips and Ragu cheddar cheese, cheese popcorn and occasionally chocolate.  My husband, which I call Mr. Sweet Head, loves the pastries and breads.  We were in Las Vegas over the summer and while in the New York, NY hotel we came across this New York Pretzel shop.  We were all drooling over the eye candy (I was drooling so much I took pictures so I wouldn't forget it LOL).  It was enough to make you loose all will power.  Well of course you know which one I choose from my very first blog post, the red candy apple and oh was it ever so good!

For this weeks blog -- this is what I am doing and you can join me if you like.  Write down the foods that you crave that take you off track.  Then write down what you want to replace that food with.  I will be placing this list on my refrigerator.  It will look like this (except it will be filled in completely).  I will place on the group home page my completed Eat This Not That form when it's complete:  But you know what your foods are and your list will be different:

Just a document I made on Microsoft Word

Like I said, for me organization is the key to me being successful.  If I'm prepared and ready, I will most likely stay on the right path.  If I'm not, I won't.  Now there will be planned outings were I will allow myself to indulge in something that I have a craving for (like this vacation and the red candy apple) but it will be PLANNED.  It won't just be willy-nilly anymore and just because it's in my face. 

So this week, really think about it and fill out your own food reminder and place it on a place like your refrigerator.  It will be a constant reminder and will help you in this yo-yo battle.

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