Friday, September 14, 2012

#7 Tools to Use

A long time ago, I ran across a website called Sparkpeople.  Here's the Link:  It was the start of me tracking my food, staying encouraged with a host of groups and receipes that kept me accountable.  On Sparkpeople, you can track your nutritional goals, weight loss goals and your fitness goals.  You can put in food that you eat or you can be given a host of menus of things to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner that will help you meet your goal.  There is so much on this site and it's free.  So well worth it!

Now with the introduction to the ipads and Kindles, everything can be done on the go and more conveniently.  I use an app called Lose It.  It will ask your goal weight and how many pounds you plan to loose in 1 week.  It will then give you a budget of calories daily.  As you eat, your budget will decrease (as you put in what you eat) -- just like a spending budget.  Here's the link:  If you have a ipad or Kindle -- you can just go to the app section and download it -- it's free!

There are plenty of other tools out there to help you on your journey -- these are just the two that I'm familiar with.  They are very helpful in keeping you on track and focused.  But remember they are just tools, you have to take the time to use them for them to benefit you.

I'm now at the "maintaining" stage in my life and it's my intentions to continue to use these types of tools to just stay encouraged and keep on keepin on! 

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