Thursday, October 25, 2012

#13 PART 2 Don't Bring That Stuff 'n the House...

Last Friday I wrote about my DH (Dear Hubby) bringing unwanted food into the house.  Well the same thing happened today.  He brought in not "ONE" but "TWO" "SUPERSONIC" Carmel apples with pecans. 


What is he trying to do to me???!!!! I kindly asked that he not bring that stuff in the house -- especially if he is not going to eat it -- why bring it in?  His reply was that he was going to give it away.  They gave them away at the job (it's that time of the year) and he decided that he had to take them and bring them HOME to give out.  My response was, "Why didn't you just leave them at the job -- surely they would not have thrown them away -- someone would have taken them."  I believe, in my heart of hearts, that he is trying to TEMPT me.  Why would he do that you ask?  He's doing it so that I can just say "No."  Well, it worked.  I said no.  I was not tempted the least bit (well, maybe a little...) -- I was just disappointed that he did not listen to me when I asked him in the first place.  Do you know what his response was -- "I'm proud of you -- the candy apple is still here after I've come home from work."  I could have socked him -- I know, I know, I'm a sweet, Christian women (hence the name Chickiesweet) -- but I could have socked him.

You just gotta get mad -- OK not that mad!!!

Ladies and gents -- we are getting ready to enter into that time of the year.  Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.  If you don't want to gain those unwanted 5, 10, 15 or more pounds -- you have got to stand your ground and truly stand.  The problem is we allow all kinds of stuff in our homes and the temptation is all around -- we are the ones buying it!  How in the world can you stick to a goal when your home is full of temptation.  If you are an alcoholic and you are trying to quit drinking, you know not to have alcohol lying around.  Same with cigarettes and anything that you are trying to avoid.  So the same thing would be true for food.

You have to know that you can eat -- we were made to eat -- but we should not live to eat.  My suggestion is to stock your kitchen with fruits and veggies and things that will help you in your journey.  Last weekend I found this gorgeous iron basket at a garage sale for $5 bucks that I thought would be perfect for my island.  Look what I filled it with:

Yes, you guessed it -- Fruit

So when I pass by, I'm encouraged to eat something healthy that's good for me.  It makes my day just looking at it and my children enjoy it as well.  I keep it loaded so we can always have fresh fruit around.  Here are some more things that I stock up on:
Luscious Avocados you can eat with a spoon
Lots of roasted chicken that I cook in my NuWave
 for wraps and salads
 Juicy Pineapples
 Fruit from the farmer's market
 Black Bean & Corn Enchilada's from Trader Joes (YUM!!)
 Frozen Peaches and Strawberries for my shakes
Gotta love it!!!

Yes, our bodies can be transformed -- day-by-day, little-by-little, by adding these changes to our diet.  We can go down on the scale instead of going up!

It's all about good health people.  Not to say that you have to be a size two.  Eating healthy can be a joy and if you need a "eat" treat -- treat yourself once a week for a job well done.  Don't ever go on a diet -- make it a lifestyle change and you will be more likely to stick with it.  When you deprive yourself of things totally, you will binge.  So eat something you love once a week and savor it.  But for the rest of the week eat well -- you are worth it!  God bless you!

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