Thursday, January 10, 2013

#24 Kettlebell - My Birthday Present to Myself...

For my birthday, or should I say with my birthday money, I purchased a great exercise gadget.  It's a Kettlebell Set with DVD.

This set came with a DVD but it was purely instructional.  I thought it would be a regular workout video.  So I had to go and find on trusty "YouTube" a video that would help me learn and burn with this equipment.


Fortunately, I found a great workout.

Here's what I found:

Thank you for visiting In your time looking around our site you may think that we are a large company with a big budget but in reality everything that you see on Fitness Blender has been created by just two people (WOW); a husband and wife team on a shoe string budget.

Fitness Blender has been painstakingly created, one piece of content at a time, in the sparse extra hours outside of our regular day jobs. There is no fancy office or professional film studio; there is only a spare bedroom that became our “office” and a walled in garage that serves as our “film studio”.


What I liked about their videos was that they are full-instructional videos and not shabby -- very, very professional for just a husband and wife team.  No different then any other video that you would purchase from Targets or Best Buy. 

But the real difference is, in my opinion, it's as if you have your very own personal one-on-one trainer in the room with you.  I use my Kindle Fire to work out with on these videos -- so it's easy to use a device like this to follow along with them.

I use my Kindle Fire to work right along with these videos

The instructor instructs you on when to start and stop an exercise. Matter-of-fact they work right along with you. He or she goes through each warm up, exercise and cool down, with you on each of their 200+ videos.

For example, if you were doing sit-ups three times with 12 repetitions, there would be one person working with you the entire three sets for each of those 12 repetitions. Usually you will find a video on Youtube that will show you how to do it for a few seconds and then go on to the next exercise. Not them. They work with you the entire video.

What a blessing.  I am so glad I found them on Youtube -- and I look forward to using their Kettlebell and other workouts in the future.  If you are looking for videos that are FREE and need that one-on-one trainer feel -- feel free to stop by 

Until next time...

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Missy said...

Congrats on your purchase of the kettlebells. Kettlebells are by far my most favorite way to workout. I have done several kettlebell workouts through the years but FitnessBlenders are by far the best. I'm really impressed by the quality of their workouts. You are absolutely right about not being able to find full length workouts on Youtube. FitnessBlender rocks!

Renee Barry said...

Thanks Missy for commenting! I do love my Kettlebells. The bells along with Fitness Blender is truly a great workout. I'm so glad I found them. Keep coming back and checking me out on Friday's. God bless.

Fitness Blender said...

Thank you for visiting In your time looking around our site you may think that we are a large company with a big budget but ...