Thursday, May 23, 2013

#44 5K Once Again...

On May 19th I participated with a friend, Chris Biernbaum, in the Ferguson Twilight 5K/10K Run/Walk. We had awesome weather and our family came out to cheer us on!

This was my 3rd 5K and I must say this was my favorite. First of all the other two races were early in the morning. This race did not start until 6pm (Hence -- TWILIGHT). LOVED THAT!!! There was music and food and so many participants. I did enjoy the entertainment and the fun atmosphere. Here are some of the pictures:

Family came out to support me -- they were sitting enjoying the entertainment!

Chris and I getting ready, set...

Chris' son Craig ran in the 10K


Loved running along the streets of Ferguson!

Raced to the finish!

I made it!  Lots of fun!

Check out the medal!

What I loved most about this was the beautiful area of Ferguson.  The scenery was simply beautiful.  I live close to Ferguson but would have never known how spacious and lovely the area was.  I enjoyed smelling the roses along the way -- it was just a beautiful route.

By the way, Chris was the one who told me about this race.  I have her to thank for this experience.  It was not my intention to do another 5K.  I'm so glad I did.  This time I was prepared just to walk it and Chris had decided to do the same.  Well that soon changed after jogging down a hill for me.  It felt great to jog instead of walk.  So I kept going.  Who knew???!!!  So now I'm looking forward to getting into more 5K's.  This little boost was all I needed.  So hey -- 10K here I come -- one day!!!  I just enjoy the atmosphere and everyone out competing against each other or themselves.  I came in at walking/running this race in 43 minutes (3 miles).  Now I'm wondering what I would have come in at if I ran the entire thing (smile)! 
There will be more races for me before the next Ferguson race in 2014 -- but I will never forget this experience!  Loads of fun!  Thanks Chris!!! 
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