Thursday, July 11, 2013

#51 My Thinking is In the Jar

This title may have thrown you for a loop but bear with me.  Let me ask you a question.  Do you have loads and loads of recipes in your kitchen, on-line from maybe Pinterest or other websites -- recipes passed on to you from relatives?  Even though you have this large stash -- do you tend to make the same things over and over again?  What about workouts?  Do you do the same exercises over and over when there are so many to choose from? 

As you know from reading my blog I enjoy a VARIETY of exercises.  I do not like to do the same exercises back to back for long periods of time because I get bored very quickly.  Not only that but our bodies gets use to them and it slows down our metabolism -- which hinders you from loosing weight (if that is your goal).

In my arsenal I have loads of exercises on DVDs, also on the computer from and others that are saved on my computer.  Because I have so many it gets hard to choose which ones to do.  Also with me working out in the morning -- I'm at the point I don't even want to think about it -- I just want to do it.  I do cardio Monday, Wednesday and Friday and I strength train on Tuesday and Thursday.  So one Sunday while driving to church I had this great idea (in my humble opinion) pop into my head!

Why not put all the videos I own along with those that I'm interested in doing from the computer -- write the names of them on strips of paper and fold them up and put them in jars.  Have a jar for Cardio and another for Weight Training.  When the day comes to do that particular exercise just pick one out of the jar and "JUST DO IT."  It's initially "work" at first by putting this all on paper -- but I just typed it all on a table in Microsoft Word -- cut it out and folded them into strips and put them in the jar.  This was the outcome!!

Cardio In A Jar and Weight Training & Abs In a Jar.

When I'm finished with that particular exercise -- I place the slip into it's done bag.
I've done workouts that I have not done in a long time and this way I'm rotating them.  I love it!  After I'm done with a cardio workout -- I place the strip in the cardio done plastic bag.  The same with the weight exercises.  Once I have used all of the slips, I shake them all up and place them back into the jar to start all over.  This is working wonderfully for me.  And of course, there is room for New Exercises!!!

I love this process so much that I thought about all the other things in life I don't want to think about and that could possibly work the same way.  Now I have a dinner jar.  Yes -- dinner is one of those things I don't like to think about so I now have a jar for that.  I put in all of my recipes and pick seven for the week.  Grocery shop for these recipes and that's all she wrote.  My family does not get bored with the same-old same old and I'm rotating from a wide range of clean eating meals.

I love making my life easier and this has really helped.

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