Thursday, August 29, 2013

#58 What to do with all that harvest -- Some Recipes!

My Favorites for the month of August is what I have been able to do with my garden harvest. Check it out below!

This year's "ORGANIC" vegetable garden was a SUCCESS! I'm so glad I did it and I'm doubly happy for the harvest that I was able to produce for my family and friends. This was my first time EVER planting cucumbers, asparagus, strawberries and so much more.

I made loads of cucumber salads with chopped onions. Here's one of my recipes for cucumber salad:

Renee's Cucumber Salad

1 1/2 Cucumber

Handful of sweet 100 cherry tomatoes (cut in half)

1 small box of Raisins

1/4 cup Feta cheese

small chunk of onion (white or red)

1/8 cup Pine Nuts

Newman's Creamy Caesar Dressing (1Tbsp.)

Cut the cucumbers up in little disc sizes and then cut up the small chunk of white or red onion. Add the tomatoes and "Newman's Creamy Caesar" dressing. Add the pine nuts and feta cheese and enjoy. This is 1 serving.

I received a sweet pickles recipe from my girlfriend Chris. This recipe is absolutely delicious and it doesn't stay around long. I was able to make one quart jar size of pickles. They were good just as a snack or on sandwiches.

My family ate them so quickly I only had a little to show:
So good!

Chris' Sweet Pickle Recipe:

2 cucumbers (4 cups)

1 medium onion sliced thin

1 c sugar

1/2 c white vinegar

1 tsp salt

1 tsp mustard seed

1/2 tsp celery seed

1/2 tsp turmeric

Place cucumbers and onion in 2 qt. microwaveabe dish. Mix balance of ingredients and pour over cucumbers. Microwave on high 7-8 minutes stirring twice. Should be tender crisp and onions translucent. Ladle into jars, cool and refrigerate. Keeps for 6 months to a year.

My sister Lisa's recipe for cucumber salad:

I didn't have a picture from her -- I could just imagine it looking like this 

Lisa's Cucumber salad:

Cucumber (2 will do)

1 White Onion

1 Large Tomato

Wish Bone Italian dressing

Feta Cheese (optional)

Cut the cucumbers up in little disc sizes and then cut a white onion in rings along with a tomato also in disc sizes and add "Wish-Bone Italian" dressing. You can go fancy and also add some feta cheese if you like.

My tomatoes were experimental this year. I did them in containers. They were so nice and sweet! I had no ideal I would have so many to pick time and time again!!!

My harvest of sweet 100's Cherry & Juliet Tomatoes

This is Spinach Florentine Flatbread I recent had at Friday's but can be easily re-done at home using spinach and tomatoes from the garden.

My Friday's Copycat Flatbread Recipe:

Flatbread (I used Aldi's Fit & Active Flatbread Multi-Grain w/Flax)

1 cup Shredded Mozzarella Cheese

1 or 2 garlic cloves minced (depending on how much you like garlic)

Cherry tomatoes (chopped) from the garden

Spinach from the garden cut up

Pesto as needed (your choice) 

Spread pesto on your flatbread. Mix spinach and garlic together and spread on top of your pesto. Sprinkle Mozzarella on top. Add chopped tomatoes on top while baking or after baking (your choice). Bake in 400 degree oven for 5-7 min until cheese has melted. Enjoy!

My Spinach Chicken Pasta.
The Recipe:Spinach Chicken Pasta:

Spinach from your garden cut up (1 or 2 cups spinach)

100% Wheat Spiral noodles (or any shape of your choice)

2 Chicken breast cooked and cut up into chunks

1 or 2 cups Newman's Creamy Caesar Dressing (depending on how creamy you like it)

Any seasonings you prefer (I used Salt & Pepper)

Cook pasta as directed. Add spinach and chicken and mix well. Add your Creamy Caesar Dressing and your ready to eat.

Next Year's Container Garden Plan...

Susan, a home school mom who reads my blog, shared her container garden going down her driveway -- I can't wait to try this on my concrete slab I have in my backyard:

Pretty cool huh? 5 gallon paint buckets, some bird netting and your good to go! That means more tomatoes, more cucumbers -- more food!!! Love it! Thanks for the ideal Susan!!!

This organic gardening has been so successful, I can't wait to start again next year.

I can't believe I did it! 

Until next time!

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