Thursday, September 5, 2013

#59 My Natural Oil Cleanse Method


It wasn't until I was in my 40's that I discovered my estrogen level (based on menopause I suppose) was so high that it was causing me to have "teenage acne" all over again.  Talking about embarrassing and frustrating.  I use to use expensive cleaning products for my face -- Arbonne, Proactive and others.  I also tried many over the counter products that just did not help me.
But low and behold on my favorite website of all -- YOUTUBE -- I found something that did.  It's called the Oil Cleanse Method.  It's for all skin types!  What I love about it is that it is totally natural.  You can use different types of oils (olive oil, jojoba, almond, grapeseed, castor and others) based on your skin type, and use Witch Hazel in the end (which is a natural product as well) and you are done.  You can Google Oil Cleanse Method and do more research but in the meantime check out my video to see how I have been doing this for over a year.  My end of the day treat!!!

Clear Acne Free Skin

So now I only use Castor Oil and Almond Oil on my skin and it has never been better or cheaper!!!! 

If you have been having problems with your skin or if you are just tired of spending lots of money on products -- give the Oil Cleanse Method a try.

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