Thursday, August 22, 2013

#57 Fit4Life Radio Interview!!!!

On Tuesday, August 20th I got a chance to share with those listening to the Fit4Life Radio broadcast my blog. Fit4Life Radio is stationed in Atlanta.  It was very special to me because I found out about Fit4Life Radio by perusing the ITunes Fitness/Health Podcasts. I checked it out because the podcast host, Carol Dunlop, was just my type of gal. She was encouraging, a lover of fitness and health and she was just plain-‘ol-down-to-earth. So on my family road trip this year to California from MO – I spent loads of my time in the passenger seat listening to Fit4Life. Boy did the time fly!!!!  I listened to podcast-after-podcast, mile-by-mile and I just could not get enough. That’s when you know you have changed when you can enjoy listening to health shows – but she made it enjoyable.

I contacted Carol after that long road trip and told her how much I enjoyed her podcasts. She in-turn checked out my blog and asked me to be on her show. I jumped at that opportunity.  I was able to share how I was once a yo-yo eater and how now my life is totally changed. What a blast we had!!! It was like talking to an old girlfriend! We laughed and shared and I can truly say I will never forget this opportunity!!!

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If you would like to check out Fit4Life Podcast and check out Carol Dunlop’s encouraging radio show you can check it out by visiting this website:
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