Thursday, October 3, 2013

#63 Spin-Off Blog to Yo-Yo Eating No More & So Much More

I'm excited to say that I have one new blog that will spin from this one.  I will continue to post on this blog as well -- but I'm expanding.  I enjoy trying things and giving my honest review on them to share with others -- also as a blogger sometimes you receive products from others to review and this blog will also be the place for that as well.  The new blog is called -- "Oh Taste & See."   Here's the details on these new blog:

Oh Taste & See

Welcome to my “Oh Taste & See” blog. Because I have been blogging for a "minute" some companies are allowing me to try their products and give a review. So this is the place for those reviews. Also have you ever tried something that was so good (or not) and you wanted to talk about it. Do you take snapshots of your food because it was too good to forget. Well that's what this blog is all about! Tasting and giving an honest review on all things!  You can click below or click on the orange tab on top of this blog to view this new blog.  One place that I will showcase in this category is Cathy's Kitchen here in Ferguson, MO.  You can click here to check out this new blog or on the orange tab above.

Such a sweet couple and the food is A+.  I will do a review on them soon.

Please stop by and check out the new blog.

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