Friday, November 1, 2013

#65 Video Meals On-Line

Got something great for all of the people who say they would love to eat healthy meals everyday but just think that it would take forever to kick that off.  For those of you who have tried Nutrisystem and Jenny Craig -- where the food comes to your door because you are fearful or feel that you can't cook simple, healthy meals.  These meals take a little prep and there are loads of ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.  And it's a FREE!

This is not my idea -- but I wish it was -- "FREE" Video Meals Online -- healthy video ideas in less then 15 seconds.  This is the website:  You heard it right -- the video takes less then 15 seconds to watch and then you are off to prepare healthy meals that takes perhaps less then 30 minutes to prep and prepare.  The meals started off on Instagram so you can check the whole list of food and just click on them at this link as well:  Here's some examples:

Salad and Egg Wrap *

Chicken burritos *


Salmon and baked potatoes *

* Note -- the pictures of the food on this blog are different then those found on his website.  I did not have permission to use the pictures on the website.
Here's information about Video Meals Online:

The founder is Slim Geransar.  The concept of videomeals is to provide followers with simple and quick meal ideas using easy to purchase everyday ingredients.  

The “Voice” behind videomeals

I am not a chef, nutritionist nor do I count calories. I love to experiment with food and come up with simple and quick meal ideas for people to play with and create their own version.
I am also very passionate about fitness and train 6 days a week. Nutrition is important and I try to make all my meals as healthy as I can.

I hope you try this -- what could be easier then 15 second videos.

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Rashida Singh said...

Hi Renee, what a delicious blog! LOL it really looks wonderful! I am commenting from helping Christian bloggers. Please pass the kindness on and visit members blogs and leave a comment as we'll. God Bless you my sister and love your site!

Shade Akinbiyi said...

The idea is great! It's worth checking out. Thank's for the information. God bless you!

Bisi said...

Thanks Renee for the ideas. God bless!

renee barry said...

Rashida, thanks for checking out my blog and commenting -- I appreciate the feedback. Keep coming back!

renee barry said...

Bisi -- thanks for checking out the blog. Hope you will try video meals. I think it's awesome.

Anonymous said...

One of the my biggest problems with eating healthy is preparation. It seems like it takes me forever to just cut up the ingredients that go into a delicious salad. Thank you so much for the link to the site. Simple and quick is my kind of healthy.

renee barry said...

Marilynjernigan, I hope you give this site a chance. Preparation can be a bummer but the end result makes you feel good about what you are putting in you body -- compared to fast food trash. Come back often.