Thursday, May 1, 2014

#89 April's Favorite Thing -- 24 Years of Marriage!

April's favorite thing this month is our Wedding Anniversary.  Wow has time flown by -- I remember when on April 21, 1990 we were walking down the isle and giving ourselves to each other "To Death Do Us Part."  We were young and in love and the Lord was the center of our lives.  Well 24 years later -- He is still the center of our lives -- and we are still in love.  

We spent our 24th wedding anniversary without children (they were at boyscout camp) and we enjoyed dinner and a lovely outing at the Fabulous Fox Theater.

We had a wonderful time. Looking forward to the 25th!

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Jackie said...

Happy Anniversary Renee! It sounds like a lovely evening out. Our 24th anniversary is this year too.... June 9th. And you're right... it seems like yesterday!

I enjoyed reading your blog, and I love the pictures!

Laura said...

Happy Anniversary! What a fun time you must have had, and great pictures – you look fabulous! That’s an amazing dress! Wishing you many, many more blessed years together!

Guess what – my hubby and I will have our 24th anniversary next month!


Carol said...

Congratulations on your 24th Wedding Anniversary! You are right time does fly because I believe
that Jesus is coming soon! You looked so pretty in that dress. Exercise and right eating is absolutely
agreeing with you. The main thing is that Christ is the center of your marriage.

Ginevra said...

Sweet!! Congratulations! Only 19 years for us in December.

Gina said...

Congratulations on 24 years of marriage! :)
How wonderful!!!

Renee Barry said...

Thanks for response to my blog post -- I did read it but sorry I'm just now responding! It's now 25th -- that's just goes to show how time flies. Thanks again!!!

Renee Barry said...

Thanks Laura,

I felt fabulous -- at the Fabulous Fox!!! Had a wonderful time!

Renee Barry said...

Thanks for commenting -- you are right He is coming back -- SOON! Thanks for the compliments!!!

Renee Barry said...

Thanks lady. What do you mean ONLY 19 years? That's more than alot of people can say! Congrats to you!

Renee Barry said...


Thanks for the congrats! It's such a blessing to have people check out the blog and to respond at the same time. Keep on reading and checking me out when you can. God bless!