Thursday, September 25, 2014

#101 If You Want Organic Vegetables and a Beautiful Landscape, You Have to Work For It!


 My Favorite Thing For September -- Gardening during the Fall and Winter
For a Beautiful Spring

At the end of each month, I try to remember to post my favorite thing for the month.  For September (which by-the-way flew by) it would be preparing for Spring in the garden.  It's that time of the year!  FALL!!!  I'm in the process of working on the garden for the Spring.  What I do now will affect what my garden looks like and the type of rewards I will reap in my organic vegetable garden come Spring 2015.

So my vegetable garden is getting ready to get a major overhaul.

 Before Vegetable Garden Bed


After Vegetable Garden Bed


Potential Plan for the new Bed
This is a smaller version of what we want to make Rosemaryt garden Site

I always wanted something you could walk into.  My husband built a screen house and a shed -- so I have no doubt that he can pull this off.  So I'm super excited about gardening next year.  Of course, I would like it a little bigger and longer to fit the entire length of the fence so I can actually put either stepping stones or gravel inside to walk in and make it a more productive space.  I will show MY actual pictures next year.  Thank you Rosemaryt for allowing me to use your picture.

I started a new garden bed.  I needed my vegetable garden to not have a lot of flowers in the bed.  So I moved my Snowball Viburnum in my new garden bed:

Here is what my Snowball Viburnum looks like in the Spring:

Snowball Viburnum

Here's the new bed I started:

Snowball Viburnum (right), two Hydrangeas (middle), Hibiscus (center)
It may not look like much now -- but underneath the layers of mulch is sheets of cardboard and my black gold compost.  It will break down and decompose over the fall and winter and come Spring -- watch out!!!  Don't ever think there's nothing to do in the fall and winter -- there's plenty to do to get you ready for Spring while all the while getting your hands dirty and bringing a smile to your face.  This work to me is "Oh so relaxing."

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Mary Preston said...

Thank you for sharing! You gave me some ideas for my garden!

Renee Barry said...

Thank you Mary for checking out the blog. I'm glad you were able to take something away from it. Please come back and checkout the updated garden in the spring.