Monday, May 25, 2015

#45 May Favorites -- The Color Purple

The Color Purple
My May Favorite Things

Before I began this "Favorite Things" post -- I would like to say Happy Birthday to my sister (May 31st) who is one of the sweetest, loving and the most kind hearted person you would ever want to meet.  Happy Birthday LISA HARRIS!!!!!!  I pray that you have a wonderful birthday -- I know you will after you clock out from the job (HAHA).  Thanks for being you and for all you do and thanks again for your encouragement that you give me with this blog!!!!  Love ya!!!! 

Anyone who knows me know that I love the color purple and flowers.  Or even if you don't know me and you pass by my house -- you would figure it out!  Now that it's spring and my perennials are springing up from their hibernation -- I thought I would show some of them off.  Along with other pictures I've taken with "purple" in them!

Let me start off with my purple clematis on my light post.


This tall Iris grows up in bunches under my windowsill every year
and because the rain and wind whip them around they
are unable to stand for long so I...
add them to more Iris' and place them in a vase in the kitchen
to enjoy a little bit longer

I added purple hanging Verbena to the porch

Also purple flowers made from tissue paper
My friend Tony the hummingbird visits outside my
kitchen window in his "Purple Feeder" every year

Can't forget the purple door!
Row of purple Iris'
People find my house by looking for this vase LOL

These pictures below are pictures I've taken of other places.  They have "Purple" somewhere in them.  Enjoy!

At the Jewel box in Forest Park - Check out the dragonfly!!!
Main Street -- St. Charles
Jewel Box
Main Street - St. Charles

Main Street - St. Charles

Main Street - St. Charles - the Purple in here is called Persian Shield -- love it!

Main Street - St. Charles

Jewel Box

Jewel Box

Flowers around the corner from my home

St. Charles

Love this landscape in Florissant and the purple elephant ears growing
from the pots

OK, OK as you can tell I love flowers and taking pictures of them.  So I hope this has brightened your day and that you enjoyed my collection of "PURPLE."
Until next time...

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