Thursday, June 25, 2015

#131 Blog Name Change "Living Intentionally by God's Grace"

My blog is getting a name change.  Why?  Because Yo-Yo Eating No More is what I have been blessed to say I no longer do anymore.  Also, with such a name like that -- people come expecting to read only about yo-yo eating no more -- and frankly there is so much more to my blog then that. I want my blog to reflect ALL the different things I enjoy doing.  I have been eating well and exercising and loving this way of life consistently for over three years.  This blog was started with that name to keep me accountable and to perhaps help someone else out there who has struggled in that area.  I have over 120 blog post that will encourage and uplift you to healthy living and also share a peek into my life.

Enjoying our 24th wedding anniversary (2014)

The blog will now be called "Living Intentionally by God's Grace."  That's exactly what I am doing.  I am given this one life and I "choose" to enjoy it to the fullest -- intentionally.  Check out my older post and do come back to see the new ones.  It will be filled with things that I love -- my family, my friends and my faith.  Filled with my hobbies, gardening, books I enjoy reading and sharing, my hair journey, exercise and fitness, cooking and so much more.  Living Intentionally by God's Grace is what it's all about. 

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