Thursday, October 11, 2012

#11 Two Years Natural YEAHHH!!!...

YEEAAH -- My Two Year Healthy, Natural Hair Anniversary!!!!!

My healthy journey consist of waaay more then me eating healthy.  It's about my body, soul and mind!  I went natural with my hair.  That means, instead of me putting a chemical relaxer in my hair to make my hair straight, I would allow my hair to grow and flow naturally without any chemical help.  I started this process on October 22, 2010, my anniversary.  Here's some before hair styles/pictures of me when I wore relaxers (perms) in my hair.

               My perm days...

The pictures above looked nice, but let me tell you.  After awhile, my hair began to break off and shed with the chemical relaxers.  It was devestating to go through the process of getting perms and taking care of your hair to see it all shed and break as a result of the chemicals. 

All that hard work for nothing....this stuff has got to's time to go natural -- no more perms!

It's not necessary to go as extreme as I did by cutting your hair off and going with a TWA (teeny-weeny afro) but I wanted to start my hair journey fresh and free -- no two types of hair -- so my permed hair was cut off ("big chop") and I was left like this...with the hair God gave me...

This was the most freeing experience for me ... I loved my TWA...

Now two years later, my hair has grown tremendously!  It's healthy, strong and naturally growing without any chemicals.  Black natural hair shrinks up big-time.  When stretched, it is below my shoulder. 

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This style is called a two-strand twist
I love how nice and full it is!

Hopefully this blog will encourage you to use healthy practices with your own hair.  It's not for everybody to go natural like I did, but do something you love with your hair.  I must say, it's well worth it going natural (more pros then cons).  I'm so glad I took the plunge two years ago.

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